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Sunrise on Sat. Feb. 19, 2011

Overnight we had a snowstorm that left about four inches of snow on the ground and fences and car, etc.  But warm temps in the day melted most of it by sundown. Yep, the garden is covered. There are three … Continue reading

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Sleepy Scott Valley near Callahan on 10-10-10

Here are the rest of the photos I took late Sunday afternoon last October here at the south end of the valley. The right side of the street of Callahan. Left side of Callahan with old hotel that still houses … Continue reading

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Photos taken late afternoon of 10-10-10

I ran across these photos and realized that I forgot to post them. It is fun to see the autumn season in full swing in the rear-view mirror of mid-February, which is full-swing winter! I won’t get them all up … Continue reading

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Christmas gift blooms on Valentine’s Day

My friend, Kathy Varnell, gave me this amaryllis on Christmas Eve. It has set in the East window and I even remembered to water it once a week or so. There are two other blooms, so I will update this … Continue reading

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Retro to Jan. 11, 2011 day in photos on our property

Oregon grape shares its bright red leaves on a cloudy day. Succlent plant survives in the gravels next to the Scott River. This rock looks like it was a naturally made cement with gravel. On top of the rock pile. … Continue reading

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