Liz’s Garden summer of 2012

National Empty Chair Day

After Clint Eastwood’s skit at the Republican National Convention in August, there was a spoof that ran rampant on twitter and blogs about the empty chair — meaning President Obama’s neglectfulness.

This is my Empty Chair. And I grew this garden all by myself. No guvmunt help. None from Obama. Just me. And I am proud of it.

Oh, the watermelons are almost ripe!



The garden on Sept. 3, 2012: Red potatoes are dying back. Carrots are doing well and the amaranthus is glorious, along with zucchini and acorn squash.

Unfortunately, the tomatoes have just set on and are green.

Red zinnias

I harvested the parsley and dried it 3 weeks ago and it is almost grown out again for another harvesting.

Lots of Monarch butterflies this summer, but they are certainly camera-shy. Was lucky to get this one.

Cucumbers — just right for pickles.

These were a “Best of Show” at the Siskiyou Golden Fair. They look pink, but were entered as Purple Zinnias in the zinnia class. Earned $25 prize!

Bi-color dahlia produced great this year. I entered them in the wrong class at the fair and earned a “Participation” ribbon.

A not-so-perfect tiger lily taken 8-13-12, under the pine tree.

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