Liz Writes Life 9-11-12

Sept. 11, 2012

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

Like most grown-up folks, I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard about the September 11th attacks on New York and the Pentagon back in 2001. Must say I am pleased the bickering and politicking finally gave way and a memorial and museum have been built at Ground Zero in New York and a memorial at the Pentagon. What a shock it was for Americans that day, as we have rarely been attacked on our Main land.

There are a variety of stories of family or friends affected by the 9-11 attacks, but our local hero is Ralph Geidel, who has been living in Seiad Valley since 1995. He had been a New York firefighter, like his brothers and father. Yes, one of his brothers, Gary Geidel, was a first-responder with Rescue Co. 1 into the World Trade Center. He did not survive. Ralph was allowed to participate in the excavating and search beginning Sept. 14, 2001 and worked at Ground Zero for over 230 days earning the nickname of “The Crow.” Ralph had an unusual ability to locate human remains in the huge piles of broken steel and cement.

It was a few years later, when Ralph called me concerned 9-11 Memorial Services were not scheduled in Siskiyou County. It was a Saturday. School was out. The courthouse was closed. So Ralph, his wife Barbara, and a friend decided to hold their own memorial at the courthouse in Yreka. I attended to take photos and write an article for the “Pioneer Press” newspaper. I also attended, because I believe memorial services are important for healing. A passerby stopped and watched as Ralph hoisted a flag up the pole at the courthouse. The photo and article made front page.

Today, I pay tribute to Ralph Geidel and the thousands of 9-11 searchers for their tenacity and dedication. Ralph never found his brother. But he did find pieces of many others, who had died, giving a semblance of closure for families. Terror attacks and war are horrible, yet this is now a part of our history. May we never forget 9-11 — or our soldiers’ valiance in any other wars. May we teach our children the importance of standing for freedom. Whether in a large crowd or home alone, may we each hold a memorial and say a prayer honoring courageous Americans — both the dead and the living.

Sheriffs’ Event

Our Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey will participate in the 7th Support Rural America Sheriffs Event to be held in 2012. This one is in Oregon as Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson will host it at the county fairgrounds in Grants Pass on Sat. Sept. 22nd. Time is 1 p.m. It is free.

So far, four other sheriffs will speak on issues critical to their counties, including: Trinity Sheriff Bruce Haney, Del Norte Sheriff Dean Wilson, Modoc Sheriff Mike Poindexter and Oregon’s Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer.

This will be the last Support Rural America Sheriffs’ Event this year. We expect to hold more next year. And a new organization is kicking-off at this Sept. 22 Event called National Constitutional Sheriffs Association. The organizers are planning a conference in Reno, in October, to address the drastic over-crowded forest problems. This is a second national sheriffs association addressing the Constitution. Retired Arizona Sheriff, Richard Mack, held a convention last January in Las Vegas with over 100 sheriffs from across the nation attending, including Sheriff Lopey, who on the board of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

Public Lands Council

Scott Valley’s Theo Dowling works for the Public Lands Council in Washington D.C., whose membership consists of state and national cattle, sheep and grasslands associations. Theo spoke at the Grazing Meeting held in Fort Jones last month and writes a monthly newsletter as the legislative analyst for PLC. There are significant items in the recent newsletter I want to share. I am trying to figure out how to put pdf documents on the Pie N blog, but haven’t gotten very good at solving technical problems. So I will put the most important issues up on Pie N You can also email or phone me and I will get a copy to you.

Jefferson News Service

Which reminds me. I’ve started a new blog called: Jefferson News Besides, writing “Liz Writes Life” and commenting on many articles I post on Pie N Politics, I also write radio articles called “News in Jefferson Country.” So it just seemed time to put them together in one place. And I will also try to keep up with the lighter Liz So please check out the mostly short articles on Jefferson News

Liz Bowen writes biographies, blogs and news. Contact her at LIZBOWEN @SISQTEL.NET or 530-467-3515. She lives in Callahan, CA.

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