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Sept. 18, 2012

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA.

Support Rural America

The next Sheriffs’ Event will be held in Grants Pass, Oregon this Sat. Sept. 22 at the Josephine County Fairgrounds and starts at 1 p.m.

Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson is hosting this one, which is our seventh Support Rural America Event. Twelve sheriffs in Oregon and California have participated this year. Siskiyou Sheriff Jon Lopey hosted the first one back in February with 300 concerned citizens attending.

Sheriff Lopey has become well-known for his fiery comments and hasn’t missed one of these events. You won’t want to miss this last SRA Event of 2012. He will be participating along with California Sheriffs Dean Wilson from Del Norte County, Bruce Haney from Trinity County and Mike Poindexter from Modoc County. Oregon’s Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer will also be on the speakers’ panel.

These events are free and we encourage parents to bring their children, grown or young, to learn more about our elected sheriffs. We do pass a donation bucket to pay for the rental of the building. These are really low-key, but successful grass roots events. For youtube videos of sheriffs speaking and more info check out the website: Support Rural

Republican office

Congratulations to Republicans who hosted a Grand Opening on Sept. 17th for their campaign headquarters in Yreka. It is located on Broadway Street across from the Siskiyou Daily News. Monday night, Sept. 17, Siskiyou Republicans also celebrated the anniversary of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

The campaign headquarters is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and information on all the Republican candidates is available. Stop by and check it out.

POP meets

The Protect Our Property group in Butte Valley is bringing in a specialist, John Williams, on wolves for a meeting this Thurs. Sept. 20. Time is 6 p.m. and they will meet at the Dorris City Hall. Williams is from Oregon’s University Extension Service in Wallowa County and he has put together a video. Yes, wolves are controversial and there are facts providing reasons for concerns. The video is available on the website: Pie N and click on “Butte POP” page.

With the increased number of wolf howls Butte Valley ranchers are reporting, I wouldn’t put it past our government or pro-wolf groups to have already planted wolves in Siskiyou County.

Last February, California Fish and Game Commission was petitioned by Greenie groups to list the gray wolf to the California Endangered Species Act. Butte Valley POP is against wolf introduction or ESA listing. Scott Valley Protect Our Water and the Siskiyou Granges agree.

I appreciate the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors for writing a letter of opposition to the ESA listing to the Fish and Game Commission. They provided facts, including that the wolf to be protected is not a native species and as such cannot be listed with the state ESA under its rules. The Commission is expected to make a decision on the listing at its Oct. meeting.


Scott Valley Protect Our Water is hosting a big meeting on Sept. 25th in Fort Jones or the Parish Hall or the Fort Jones Community Center. Watch for signs that night. Many other groups are invited as concerned leaders will share information about recent threats to ground and surface water in Scott Valley. Time is 7 p.m. Call POW President Tom Pease at 468-2414 for more info.


Finally, two blue morning glories bloomed on Sept. 15th. Yes, it is a month late. So, some things really are later this year. Sophie McBroom and Jenny Thackeray have lots of tomatoes, but I haven’t had any ripen yet. Alvin Lewis said his garden has done well, except he had to replant his green beans several times. My neighbor, Hazel Moore’s garden looks fabulous from the road as I drive by.

Pulled the onions and most had dried during the last three weeks with no water. I cleaned off the dry soil and the tops fell or twisted off. They are now in a paper bag in the house. About a quarter of the onions still had some green in the tops, so they are in a separate box in the house drying.

Making peach jam right now out of the peaches we picked two weeks ago. They ripened quickly and have been in the refrig – waiting.

Been drying basil. Got lots of green bell peppers and still picking green beans. Made a great potato salad with the red potatoes. Several were huge and did not have holes in the middle. I forgot how their texture is softer than Russets. Hum good.

Liz Bowen lives in Callahan, CA. and began writing as a news reporter in 1976. She now also writes biographies, commentaries and blogs. Last week, she launched her newest website: Jefferson News Check it out.

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