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Sept. 25, 2012

Scott Valley Protect Our Water is holding a networking meeting tonight at the Fort Jones Catholic Parish Hall at 7 p.m. Extremists continue to create bogus models on our ground water and surface water and then put forth outrageous claims that some agencies are utilizing for increased regulations, fees and fines.

We must stand our ground and protect our water. This include homes with wells throughout the valley, the City of Fort Jones using ground water, the City of Etna and the Callahan residences who also utilize water from creeks through a water right. The Cattlemen and Women Associations have been invited along with Farm Bureau and community service groups. You may not want to jump on the band wagon, but this threat is eminent. Come and learn what we can do together.

On Wed. Sept. 26, the Scott Shasta Water Master Service Board will meet in Fort Jones at 11236 N. Hwy 3 at the Business Resource by the Chevron Station.

Oct. 6 will be a busy evening as two groups are holding annual fundraisers. One is the Etna FFA Pit Beef-cooked BBQ and Auction at the high school gym. It usually starts at 5 p.m., but I will check.

Also the Greenhorn Grange is in dire need for maintenance on their older building. They are holding a Good Ol’ Country Hoe Down with music by Mike Slizewski and the Bar Chords. Mike Matherly will serve as auctioneer for the Dessert Auction after the Prime Rib dinner. Deadline for getting your $35 ticket is today, Sept. 25. So call Grace at 459-3968 or Irma at 926-6809.


Can’t believe we haven’t had a frost yet. Certainly feels like fall in the mornings, but we are enjoying a mild move into the season. One tomato ripened this week and I can’t see any others even turning pink. It sure was good chopped up on tacos. Decided to check on the watermelon and one is ripe and about 15 pounds. Then I looked at the cantaloupe and the first one I touched slipped off the vine. Surprised, I started checking others and a total of 10 had yellowed up. So we get to eat melon salad for a few days.

A friend and I went out to Cooper Farms U-Pick strawberries. Wow, their rows are long and lots of berries. I picked 20 pounds in an hour. Many are huge. Jim and Preston Harris are leasing Cooper Farms and are frustrated that someone is stealing money out of the You-Weigh-Then-You-Pay jar. This is an old-fashioned and way to do business called being honest. The culprit seems to know when the owners and workers are not around and has taken cash several times. Preston said if it doesn’t stop, they will have to come up with a safer locked box type of situation. Bummer.


A self-proclaimed non-wolf expert, John Williams gave a fact-driven presentation for two hours at the Butte Valley Protect Our Property meeting last week leading me to believe he knows a lot about the Canadian wolf. There are six packs of wolves in Oregon and his county has been hit hard with livestock killed by wolves. Williams is an Oregon University Extension Service Agent for Wallowa County. The first thing studied was how a wolf kills. It is very distinct. They go for the flank, tai-head, behind the shoulder or bite right through the top withers of their prey.

To aid investigation, he county sheriff now considers every livestock killed a “crime scene.” He also considers livestock killed as “destruction of private property.”

Williams is conducting several data experiments, where the cows are collared with a battery-controlled GPS beep every 15 minutes. Two wolves have been collared as part of the project. The location data of the cows and wolves is tracked on on a map.

The introduction of wolves into Wallowa County has created an atmosphere of discouragement and depression. You cannot legally shoot a wolf in Oregon, even if he is attacking. And the wolves are closer to ranch homes and towns than first realized. It was in important informational meeting.


The Support Rural America Sheriffs’ Event in Grants Pass was great. A new sheriff joined the panel from Wheeler County, Oregon named Bob Hudspeth. He fit right in with sheriffs Jon Lopey, Dean Wilson, Bruce Haney, Mike Poindexter and host Josephine Co. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson. A video of the event can be found on Pie N and Liz By Friday, Phil from State of Jefferson Podcast will also have links to youtubes of each sheriff speaking.

Liz Bowen lives in Callahan, CA. and began writing as a news reporter in 1976. She also writes biographies, commentaries and blogs. Check out: www.Jefferson News for more local news.


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