Prepare: Essentials for emergencies

We never know what is going to happen, whether it may be a natural disaster, international riots and war; or as basic as losing an income. Having a few months worth of essential items and food stored will increase the feeling of basic security.

 So let’s get started.

 The following is information from websites and businesses. I give them all the accolades and credit for providing food storage and emergency items. I am just sharing their information and suggestions. Please check out these websites.

Whether you have extra cash to begin this process or not, you can get started with just an item at a time and learning more about “HOW” so you will stay enthused.

Let’s try a basic 2 week supply.


Is the most important item you need in immediate crisis. At a bare minimum, each person in your family needs one gallon per day.

So 2 weeks supply of water per person is 14 gallons. For more on how to store water, check out the above websites. Or get started the next time you go to the store, buy a gallon of water.

Think of having water treatments available. Boiling will work for personal hygiene.


This is very important, but the perfect storage space may not be available. So get started by cleaning out a spot in the garage. No garage? Find a closet or part of a closet. The most important aspect of storage is AVAILABLITY. You need to have easy access and you need to incorporate much of your food into your weekly diet.

Items for 2 weeks:

You can buy pre-packaged or canned foods, even Meals Ready to Eat.

Here are some suggestions for those who are into cooking.



Baking powder

Baking soda









Beans, dried or canned


Canned Tuna

Canned Chicken

Canned soups

Canned fruit

Dried milk

Peanut butter



Granola bars









Dehydrated foods

Freeze-dried foods

Necessary medicines

First Aid Kit

Extra blankets

Extra clothes

Toilet paper


Below is a great article. I have used excerpts to give you the basics, but please click on the link for the complete information.

7 Mistakes of Food Storage

By Vicki Tate

Issue #55 Jan/Feb 1999

If you are going to store food, make sure that the food you store is adequate for the need you and your family anticipate. This may not be as easy as to achieve as many people think, because the facts are that most people make serious errors when storing food—errors that will come back to haunt them when the food they’ve stored is the only thing that stands between them and their empty, dissatisfied, bellies.

There are seven common mistakes people make when storing food. They are:

1. Variety

Most people don’t have enough variety in their storage. 95% of the people I’ve worked with have only stored four basic items: wheat, milk, honey, and salt. Statistics show most of us won’t survive on such a diet for several reasons. a) Many people are allergic to wheat and may not be aware of it until they are eating it meal after meal. b) Wheat is too harsh for young children. They can tolerate it in small amounts but not as their main staple. c) We get tired of eating the same foods over and over and many times prefer to not eat, then to sample that particular food again

2. Extended staples

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Store dehydrated and/or freeze dried foods as well as home canned and “store bought” canned goods. Make sure you add cooking oil, shortening, baking powder, soda, yeast, and powdered eggs. You can’t cook even the most basic recipes without these items.

3. Vitamins

Vitamins are important, especially if you have children, since children do not store body reserves of nutrients as adults do. A good quality multi-vitamin and vitamin C are the most vital. Others might be added as your budget permits.

4. Quick and easy

when you are psychologically or physically unable to prepare your basic storage items. “No cook” foods such as freeze-dried are wonderful since they require little preparation, MREs (Meal Ready to Eat), such as many preparedness outlets carry, canned goods, etc. are also very good. “Psychological foods” are the goodies—Jello, pudding, candy, etc.—you should add to your storage.

5. Balance

Time and time again I’ve seen families buy all of their wheat, then buy all of another item and so on. Don’t do that. It’s important to keep well-balanced as you build your storage. Buy several items, rather than a large quantity of one item. If something happens and you have to live on your present storage, you’ll fare much better having a one month supply of a variety of items than a year’s supply of two or three items.

6. Containers

Always store your bulk foods in food storage containers. I have seen literally tons and tons of food thrown away because they were left in sacks, where they became highly susceptible to moisture, insects, and rodents. If you are using plastic buckets make sure they are lined with a food grade plastic liner available from companies that carry packaging supplies. Never use trash can liners as these are treated with pesticides. Don’t stack them too high. In an earthquake they may topple, the lids pop open, or they may crack. A better container is the #10 tin can which most preparedness companies use when they package their foods.

7. Use your storage

In all the years I’ve worked with preparedness one of the biggest problems I’ve seen is people storing food and not knowing what to do with it. It’s vital that you and your family become familiar with the things you are storing. You need to know how to prepare these foods. This is not something you want to have to learn under stress. Your family needs to be used to eating these foods. A stressful period is not a good time to totally change your diet. Get a good food storage cookbook and learn to use these foods! It’s better to find out the mistakes you’ll make now while there’s still time to make corrections.

Vicki Tate is the author of the popular book, Cooking With Home Storage, available in the BHM General Store. Vicki also lectures on preparedness subjects. You can reach her by calling (435) 835-8283.

Make an Emergency Plan

Designate a place for everyone to meet in an emergency

Know Emergency phone numbers, including family

Designate an out-of-state contact for everyone to call

Evacuation plan from home; community; and places to stay

Think about what could be a major disaster in your area

Even plan for a house fire or flood

Have fire extinguishers available

Have a 72 Hour Kit ready to go

Back Pack for each individual


Peanut butter

Basic First Aid Kit

Non-perishable food items

Flash light




Extra set of clothes

Emergency blanket

Phone numbers on a list




Radio – hand crank


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