Congressman Doug LaMalfa and CA Senator Jim Nielsen pose with rifles 6-22-13

Photo by Dan Dorsey

CA Senator Jim Nielsen, white shirt in back row stands next to Congressman Doug LaMalfa (yes, the tallest guy and with a WHITE hat) during the Siskiyou County Republican Central Committee 2nd Amendment Day and BBQ last Saturday held at the Dunsmuir Gun Club.

Next to our officials, who support the 2nd Amendment, are Cowboy Sharp Shooters, who displayed amazing accuracy.

And a BIG thank you goes out to the local Boy Scout Troop and leaders for volunteering to set up chairs, tables, etc. in the front row.

Thank you Dan Dorsey and Margo Perryman for organizing the event.

Be sure to call California Senators tomorrow and ask them to vote NO on gun banning bills and the AB 711 ban of lead ammo.  All gun ban bills will destroy law abiding citizens the right to defend themselves.

Use the below link to find State Senators’ phone numbers.

Tell them to vote NO on all California Life Act legislation, which ridiculously refer to gun bans.

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