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July 16, 2013

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

My goodness this is the perfect garden-growing weather. My tomatoes are finally shooting up as well as the cucumbers. There are even a few blossoms. Yes, some of you are way ahead of me. Cramers in Fort Jones are probably eating corn and I see that Shirley Tickner’s corn on Moffett Creek road is thigh-high.

One of my soaker hoses cracked too much to fix with Gorilla glue and duct tape. Purchased a new one and I sure like it as it seeps really well.

I harvested the oregano a week ago. Took my time cutting and putting in a paper bag trying to keep the dry weeds out. Then I used a giant sheet and spread it out on the bed in the extra bedroom. Put the stems all over the sheet in a single layer and covered them with the other half of the sheet. This helps to keep the daylight from bleaching the leaves. We close that bedroom during the day and it gets hot in there. I’d say in four or five days the oregano was dry. Doesn’t mean that I have shredded the dry leaves off the stems and stored and labeled it. But that is one of my next projects!

Now to harvest the mint before the blossoms set on – and they are starting.

Property Rights

Please remember the “Liberty and Property Rights Coalition” meetings this weekend with three fabulous speakers sharing solutions to the attacks on our water and property rights.

The Yreka meeting is Sat. July 20th from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Yreka Community Theater.

Then on Sunday, July 21st, a second meeting will be held at the Dorris Community Center in Butte Valley from 2 to 5 p.m.

Speakers are Nevada rancher Ramona Hage Morrison, Arizona rancher Danny Martinez and Idaho rancher Casey Anderson. This is an historic event with ranchers, property owners, and grass-roots organizations from four states meeting to discuss doable solutions to issues that are destroying the economies in rural America. Both meetings are free and like-minded folks are invited to attend.

Assemblyman visits

Our District Assemblyman Brian Dahle held a Town Hall meeting on July 8 with over 70 constituents filling the room at College of the Siskiyous in Yreka. I was impressed with several projects he is working on and one is as simple as visiting with Democrats, one-on-one, and inviting them up to his huge Northern California District. One Democrat from L.A. reciprocated and invited him down to the big city.

Assemblyman Dahle said many of his Democrat colleagues have never been north of Sacramento and Dahle wants them to see the rural folks that are being hurt by legislation meant for city folks.

One of our timber groups, KARE, has been doing this for several decades inviting Congressmen and women and State elected officials up to tour healthy privately-owned forests and extremely over-grown USFS managed forests. It really opens their eyes.

Dahle also said that the next round of Fire Protection Fee (tax) bills will be sent out soon. He suggested we continue to pay them “under protest” and watch and help as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assoc. works its lawsuit against the State.

Then this last Sunday, Assemblyman Dahle paid for a bus and motel rooms for north state individuals to go down to an Assembly District in Fresno and knock on doors of homes leaving off info asking for a vote for a Republican running against a Democrat in a special election next week. This is called “walking precincts” and Dahle believes this is one reason why he won his Assembly seat as he received more votes in areas that he and his supporters walked and knocked on doors and visited with folks.

Dahle said that we must get more Republicans elected, because the Democrats have a super majority in both the Assembly and the Senate. This means, they can do about whatever they want, when it comes to making legislation.

Some relief

Congressman Doug LaMalfa led the passage of an amendment that is expected to provide relief to farms, ranches and forestry by ending excessive regulatory overreach by government agencies involved with the Clean Water Act.

Congressman LaMalfa said, “This amendment puts a stop to creative interpretations of the law that have stymied normal work like plowing fields and upgrading irrigation systems. It’s time we force federal bureaucracies to follow the laws as Congress writes them, not as they might wish they were written.”

He added that requiring permits for routine agricultural work is the definition of regulatory overreach, especially when the law specifically exempts these activities. This is good news. Thank you Congressman!

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou and writes on a variety of issues. Check out blogs: Pie N, Jefferson News and Liz

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