Liz Writes Life 12-31-13

Dec. 31, 2013

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

Once again, news on the State of Jefferson has hit national media with Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper submitting an initiative to the State Attorney General to amend the California Constitution allowing 5 other states to be created. If Draper’s initiative receives one million signatures, it will be placed on the ballot for the voters to decide.

Last week, an L.A. Times article featured the Yreka Palace Barber Shop and quoted Declaration spokespeople Mark Baird, Kayla Brown and Aaron Funk. Fox News and Drudge Report then reported on a mixture of State of Jefferson and Draper’s initiative to split California 6 ways.

The State of Jefferson movement is hitting the ground at a run in January. Town Hall meetings are planned in three counties. The first is in Butte Co. at the Chico Elks Lodge on Jan. 10. Then on Sat. Jan 11, a meeting will be held in Orland at 11 a.m. and one in Willows at 3 p.m.

On Jan. 18, the Town Hall will be held at the Veterans Hall in Redding.  Check out Jefferson site for more info or give me a call.

Fire Tax

Received several phone calls from folks saying the State Board of Equalization sent letters rescinding the “late fee” on their Fire Tax bill and the 57 cent interest charge was also dropped. Unfortunately, I have not received this notice. So maybe they are getting the “late” problem figured out. I just thought they were trying to make more money off of us.

Lawsuit settlement

In reading the Press Release by the Montague Water Conservation District on its settlement with the Karuk Tribal leadership and Klamath RiverKeepers, last week, I was saddened and angry that the Greenies and the runaway Karuk Tribal leadership is getting away with what I allege is fraud and extortion.

The coho salmon are not endangered.

You can purchase coho in local grocery stores. You can legally catch them in Oregon, Washington, Canada, Alaska and the Pacific Ocean.

Scientific studies show that the colder water-loving coho don’t like the sometimes warmer water in the Shasta River. I state it is inhumane to try to make them live there.

Truth over the lie: The Shasta River is healthy.

In 2012, a whopping 29,544 chinook salmon returned to the Shasta River. Steelhead, trout and other fish also thrive in the Shasta River.

The river is healthy or The Nature Conservancy wouldn’t tout its “Salmon Viewing Day” each October, when it encourages everyone to go out to its ranch and watch the salmon swim up the Shasta River.

This case was built on lies utilizing the Endangered Species Act for political gain. And worst of all — the Karuk leaders and Klamath RiverKeepers are demanding their $550,000 attorney fees be paid! They brought the lawsuit! These two organizations have a combined annual gross income of more than $30 million.

To pay this outrageous charge, Montague City residents, Shasta Valley farmers and ranchers and Lake Shastina home owners will be assessed additional costs for their drinking, bathing and irrigation water.

MWCD stated in its Press Release that it has no angst toward the River Keepers and Karuk leadership. I do. Craig Tucker, a white guy, and Leaf Hillman, a convicted felon, should not be running the show.

This will not be the end. If they can get away with these basic lies, Tucker and Hillman will be back this summer claiming not enough water is in the river for coho —while the other fish are happily swimming up and down, doing quite well.

In general, the Endangered Species Act is no longer about saving animals, but is being utilized to destroy other animals, wildlife habitats and the economies of “we the people”.

Craig Tucker, executive director of the Karuk Tribe, and Leaf Hillman, head of the Natural Resources for the Karuk Tribe, are laughing it up at their “win”.

Talk about being in cahoots! Hillman is also president of River Keepers and Craig Tucker is secretary. This is according to the Klamath website. Greenie groups, like the RiverKeepers, receive significant grant monies to support their attacks on local economies.

I am just sad and disgusted that lies continue to be perpetuated and a bogus court system has failed to provide the truth about coho salmon.


Things are not looking good. Down south, Sacramento County has asked residents to reduce water use by 20 percent. The City of Folsum is leading the way imposing a 20 percent water use reduction and other cities in the will likely follow. Folsom Lake dropped to below 20 percent of capacity. Yes, that is bad news.

Please join me in prayer asking God to share the snow and rain that is being dumped to the East of California.

Liz Bowen is a native is Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 530-467-3515.

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