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Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA.

Jan. 21, 2014

The drought is making headlines as Gov. Jerry Brown finally declared California is in a “state of drought.” We drove by Shasta Lake on Saturday and the stream at Lakehead is downright pitiful. I heard a rumor the feds let a significant amount of water out into the Sacramento River this winter to lower the lake. And, yep, they had a reason – to reduce and affect the storage so “they” could use “fear” to get the California voters to approve a 2014 Water Bond.

Mark Baird, president of Scott Valley Protect Our Water, has been invited by Senator Jim Nielsen to several of the Water Bond meetings held by the huge Water Districts, lawyers and politicians in Sacramento. The goal is to hammer out a billion dollar Water Bond that “they” think could receive enough votes to pass it. From what Mark has learned, the now $8 Billion 2014 Water Bond will only serve the Bay Delta project and its exporters of water. And always on the plate is the funding for the removal of the four perfectly-functioning hydro-electric dams in the Klamath River.

It looks like Siskiyou is being sacrificed on the “environmental” alter, so the Greenies will allow water usage and possibly more water storage to take place – south of us.

As you well know, L.A. and San Francisco are able to push their weight around, because of the sheer numbers that establishes many more state representatives than in the rural counties. If the Water Bond is ready, it will go on this year’s 2014 Nov. ballot. Just remember, it will include the $250 million California will need to pay its share of the cost for the Klamath dams to be demolished. I won’t be voting for it.

Mark shared this information with the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors last week. The agenda item was about yet another (needed) letter to be sent to U.S. CA. Senator Dianne Feinstein opposing any U.S. funding going towards the removal of the Klamath dams.

Rich Marshall, President of Siskiyou Water Users, applauded the supervisors for sending another letter of facts. He also recommended the county include outrage on the fraudulent science, which continues to plague the U.S. Department of Interior and other federal agencies. Whistleblower scientists have revealed much about inaccurate and politically-driven scientific statements during the past two years, especially regarding animals on the Endangered Species list.

Senator Feinstein, herself, complained, last fall, about the incorrect science that the Coastal Commission and Department of Interior are using to close down the Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm in Point Reyes near San Francisco. Marshall added that the real point in stopping Klamath dam removal is to stop the tremendous fish kill that will occur during the destruction of the dams.

One reason the Klamath dams are still intact is that the millions in funding has not been appropriated by both California and the feds. This funding is integral to the implementation of the KBRA, Klamath Basin Restoration Act — another group seeking to sacrifice Siskiyou County to the “Enviro Gods.”

Feb. 5

Has anyone noticed if their electric bills are going up? In the past 18 months, PacifiCorp has added several surcharges to its customers’ billing statements in Siskiyou County. The steep increase has alarmed Rich Marshall and the Siskiyou Water Users Assoc. Rich says it is time for a Town Hall meeting on the subject, so he has invited three officials from PacifiCorp to participate and answer questions.

All folks concerned about sky-rocketing electric rates should attend this meeting. It will be held on Wed. Feb 5th in Yreka at 5:30 p.m. Where it will be held has not yet been announced.

Jefferson State

The Shasta Co. Jefferson Declaration Committee hosted a Town Hall meeting last Sat. Jan. 18 at the Veterans Hall in Anderson. More than 350 people showed up to listen to local supporters and keynote speaker Mark Baird explain why splitting from debt-ridden, tyrannical California is the only way we will survive. Several country supervisors were in attendance.

The next Town Hall will be hosted by Del Norte County Jefferson Declaration Committee on Feb. 4th in Crescent City. Mark Baird and several Shasta Co. leaders will be sharing the financial and practical facts for creating the 51st State of Jefferson.

News articles and information on the progress of this project can be found on the web at Jefferson

POW meeting

The monthly meeting of Scott Valley Protect Our Water will be this week, Jan. 23 at the Fort Jones Community Center. Time is 7:15 p.m. after sharing our potluck desserts at 7 p.m. There will be lots of information on water, drought, lawsuits, PacifiCorp; and why we should oppose the casino proposed by the Karuk Tribe in Yreka. Yep, hope that perks your interest.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou Co. and lives near Callahan. Call her at 530-467-3515.


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