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Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA.

Jan. 28, 2014

Is anyone upset about the recent increase in their electricity bills? It looks like PacifiCorp’s rates dramatically increased during December. Yes, it was extra cold for two weeks, but many people are complaining about $100 and $200 increases – just for the month.

Please let your frustration be heard at a meeting planned for Feb. 5th at the Yreka Community Center near the Yreka High School on N. Oregon Street. Time is 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Why is it so important to participate in this meeting? Answer: This is the first time that officials from PacifiCorp have been implored to visit Siskiyou County for this type of a meeting.

Rich Marshall, president of the Siskiyou Water Users Assoc. is frustrated at the lack of acknowledgement by PacifiCorp towards Siskiyou County. The corporation is ignoring pleas by customers and County Supervisors. So the Siskiyou Water Users has taken up the band wagon to let PacifiCorp know we will not be ignored.

Over the past two years, Rich has attended California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) meetings, held in San Francisco and Redding. He has commented and written letters stating the surcharges that are being levied on PacifiCorp’s Siskiyou customers are not ethical. So far, in the last 18 months, three surcharges (increases) in our rates have been allowed by the California PUC.

I allege the surcharges are illegal, but Rich tells me the California PUC is a regional government and as such has the authority to allow PacifiCorp to levy the surcharges. The irony, here, is that PUC’s mission is to protect the customers. Well that isn’t happening.

Three PacifiCorp officials will sit as a panel with Rich serving as moderator. We need to ask questions regarding our skyrocketing electrical costs, the surcharges, the billing codes and the fact that we are paying to destroy the Klamath dams through their surcharges. This is a huge opportunity. If you are angry at the hike in your electricity bills please, please attend. Eat a snack first as no food or drinks will be available.


The Mt. Bolivar Grange in Callahan is sponsoring a different kind of fundraiser, especially for Callahan. On Sun. Feb. 9, an Alpen Cellars Wine Tasting Event will be held at the Grange Hall. Cost is $15 per person. Time is 2:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the Callahan Emporium and South Fork Baking Company, which is in Etna.

State of Jefferson

The push for the 51st State of the Union gained momentum last week as the Glenn County Board of Supervisors approved the Declaration and Petition to withdraw from the State of California by a 5 to 0 vote! They join Siskiyou and Modoc Counties in Declaring that California is too big, lacks equal representation; and oppressive over-regulations are destroying our economies and livelihoods.

Mike Murray, chairman of the Glenn County Supervisors said, “This is sending notice to the state that we’re tired of being their victim. We are a byproduct of whatever the urban areas want – the L.A. basin, San Francisco – they have more representatives.”

Mark Baird, Jefferson Declaration Spokesman, points out that California is an economic train wreck on a downward spiral. You can check out the California Debt Clock on the “US Debt” site, which shows that California is over $419 billion in debt.  Baird praised the vote by the Glenn County Supervisors for their “courageous” decision.

Two Town Hall meetings for the Declaration to withdraw are set in Del Norte on Tues, Feb. 4 at the fairgrounds in Crescent City, time is 6 p.m.; then on Sun. Feb. 9th a multi-county event will be held in Live Oak in Sutter County. Time is 6 p.m. Mark Baird is the keynote speaker at both.

If you want to better understand the whys and hows of this 51st State of Jefferson movement, check out the “VIDEOS” page on the “Jefferson” website. The newest video-youtube is from the Butte County meeting in Chico on Jan. 10th and includes former Assemblyman Stan Statham.

Sheriff Lopey

Siskiyou Sheriff Jon Lopey is holding a Constitutional workshop and Town Hall on Sat. Feb. 22nd at the Yreka Community Center at 810 N. Oregon Street. Sheriff is bringing in a renowned Constitutional scholar who ran for President of the United States through the Libertarian Party in 2006 and was elected president of Continental Congress 2009.

Constitutional expert, Michael Badnarik, will give a workshop in the morning on Feb. 22. And then, he will join Sheriff Lopey in a Town Hall meeting at 2 p.m. To help pay for Michael’s expenses, a $10 donation for the workshop is being asked and we will pass the donation can during the Town Hall. To sign up for the morning workshop, please call Louise Gliatto at 842-5443.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 467-3515.

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