Liz Writes Life 3-11-14

March 11, 2014

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

My daffodils are blooming and the Oriental poppies are already growing because of these rains and warm temps. The lettuces are even popping up that I planted on March 1, which is rather surprising. Decided to check the garlic and it is six inches tall, but about a third of it did not come up. Still there are 18 plants growing.

I forgot that I need to plant peas today, if I want to use the “moon growing” as a guide. It is drizzling right now on Monday morning and the soil should be soft. So I’ll use a grubbing hoe to dig a trench.


I have a correction. Pam Rowe, retired Siskiyou Veterans Service Officer, called about the veterans information I shared last week. Apparently, when filing a claim, veterans must give up an original “discharge” certificate to the V.A., but she did explain that the current Siskiyou Veterans Service Officer, Tim Grenvik, or the county recorder can make an additional official “discharge” certificate.

With a shocking amount of incompetence going on with higher levels of bureaucrats in the V.A., Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s field representative, Erin Ryan, suggests that veterans always keep copies of official and legal documents, including doctor statements.

That is a good rule to live by nowadays – keep original copies of anything significant and good files regarding anything we do with any government agency.


Thank you to Tom Wetter for a great presentation at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting on the Karuk Tribe’s proposal for a casino last week. There was a large audience with a vast majority showing they are against the casino. Some Karuk leaders were shocked to learn that many residents in Siskiyou are against the casino.

Several individuals cited the recent lawsuit against the Montague Water Conservation District by the Karuks, which will cost hundreds of families over $600,000 in settlement monies. Yes, the Karuks haven’t played nice in a variety of instances. The Karuks are also fighting to get the Klamath dams removed. So why in the world would we want to support their casino?

Actually, if their casino is successful, it will likely put more restaurants, motels and gas stations out of business. Why would we want to do that?

And the present mitigation for additional law enforcement, gambling addictions and other abuses doesn’t hold a drop in the bucket for what will be needed.

Oh, and the City of Yreka will find their sewer system is not close to being sufficient for a casino of that size. The City of Yreka needs to yank back on the Karuk’s chain and demand contracts that the Karuks will pay for any and all upgrades.

The last thing the City of Yreka should do is pay for anything related to the casino. If it will be as successful as the Karuks claim, they need to be on the hook for any and all additional costs.

Once again, according to Bureau of Indian Affairs and National Indian Gaming rules, the Karuks do not have the correct “trust” for their land, because they are not indigenous to this area. Shasta Nation grave sites are within a mile of the proposed Karuk casino. This is Shasta territory not Karuk.

So you may ask why the Karuks are getting away with it? Corruption, money and the empty promise of creating (low-paying) jobs is the answer.

More KBRA funny business.

Last month, a “secret” meeting was organized by California Farm Bureau attorney, Jack Rice, with KBRA stakeholders, Tribal leaders, Siskiyou Farm Bureau leaders and leaders of grassroots groups from Scott Valley Protect Our Water and Siskiyou Water Users Assoc. Rice said he was not representing the state Farm Bureau, but he sure wanted Siskiyou grassroots leaders “to cut a side deal,” said Scott Valley POW President Mark Baird, who was in attendance.

Farm Bureau’s goal is to protect water for agricultural irrigation south of us. I agree. Agriculture needs its allotted and legally contracted water. But the problem is Siskiyou is the sacrificial lamb. Siskiyou is wanted by the Greenies and several outside Tribes, including Karuks; and government agencies are willing to give it to them. Mark said “the deal” is that the Greenies will stop challenging California water needs, if Siskiyou is given to the Enviros and is de-dammed and de-populated.

Remember, compromise never works with Greenies.

You see, the 2014 Water Bond will be on the ballot in November. This bond is expected to aid and provide water for the rest of California. But, so far it looks like $550 million will be in the bond specifically designated for destruction of the Klamath dams. So, I will vote against it. Yep, politics is an interesting and frustrating game of wits and power grabs.

But, local Farm Bureau members need to realize Siskiyou is a target. If the dams come out, we lose 80 percent of our irrigation water – under the KBRA (Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement). It will affect you.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 467-3515.

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