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March 18, 2014

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

Vietnam veterans will be honored this month, when the American Veterans Traveling Tribute brings the Vietnam Memorial Wall to Yreka. This is a 4-day event. Opening ceremonies will be held on Thurs. March 27th at 1 p.m. On Friday, many local schools are planning field trips for their students. A special ceremony will be on Sat. March 29th at 2 p.m. and closing ceremonies will be on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Everyone is invited to stop by the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds and visit the Vietnam Memorial inscribed with the names of those who died serving in the U.S. military during Vietnam time period. It will be open 24 hours all four days. Admission is free.

Locally, the Siskiyou Veterans Leadership Council is sponsoring the Wall and many service groups are aiding and supporting the activities. Thank you to all who are involved with this worthy project. Our Vietnam veterans really do need to know that the majority of Americans appreciate them and their service; and that we are very sad the fashionable attitude (at the time of their return) towards them was so disgustingly disrespectful. We pray for healing and forgiveness.


Those warm temperatures last week are drying things out pretty fast. I had to remove the clear plastic boxes from off the lettuces every day, so they wouldn’t get too hot. I think the garden needs a good roto-tilling and it needs to be done, before the soil gets too dry.

The March 1st snowpack survey showed an increase from 1 percent of the February average to 12 percent of average. So the drought is still on and some people will be impacted through lower well-levels here in Siskiyou. I haven’t talked to the Etna City Council folks, but Etna residents could have a problem since the average snowpack on Salmon Mt. at Swampy John on March 1st is 73 inches and this year it measured just one inch. Yep, that is not good.

Statewide, agriculture is taking a big hit and even water that could and should be sent for irrigation is being taken for federally-claimed endangered species and L.A. As result, you can expect your cost of food will go up.


Scott Valley Protect Our Water had to move its meeting night to Friday this month, so it will be held March 29th at the Fort Jones Community Center. Time is 7 p.m. We will share desserts first.


Boy, am I proud of the 40 county sheriffs in Oklahoma that stood up to a liberal-progressive legislator last week. The sheriffs were meeting with legislators in Oklahoma State Capitol in the annual “meet and greet”, but a liberal-progressive state senator didn’t like them wearing all of their “gear”, so he asked the sergeant-at-arms to have them remove their guns.  The sheriffs felt that was a slap-in-the face and said “no” and left – all 40 of them.

“We’re the people that protect these people,” said Wagoner Co. Sheriff Bob Colbert, who added the elected legislators should have other things more important to worry about.

Wow, disarming sheriffs? That is outrageous and certainly against the Constitution. We must stand up for our rights and the rights of our sheriffs. I doubt if this will make national news in the liberal media, but it should. I posted an article on my website “Pie N Politics.”

JH Ranch

 Over the years, I have been to meetings where the complaints against the over-crowding and blatant ignoring of the regulations in the “Use Permits” by the JH Ranch have fallen on deaf ears. The county Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors know well of these complaints and yet the abuse has been allowed to continue.

This issue is heating up in Scott Valley and it is past time the JH Ranch is made to follow the rules of its current “Use Permit”, which allows for a little over 200 people. A complete EIR, Environmental Impact Report, must be completed and correctly utilized to address the expansion of the French Creek area guest ranch to 1,600 people. That is more than Fort Jones, Etna and Callahan populations! Gee whiz folks that is what the Scott Valley Plan is all about – putting growth in the right areas.

The septic-sewage system for this huge amount of people is formable and has the potential to certainly pollute French Creek and the Scott River.

The county road is a safety hazard. There are places where an emergency vehicle and cars traveling in the opposite direction cannot pass. I hate to sound anti-business, but this is a ridiculous over-reach on the capacity of people.


Remember there are several projects using the name of Jefferson and they are NOT the same movement. One is trying to create a Territory in the area of Siskiyou. The one I am involved with is the Jefferson Declaration movement, where we are encouraging counties to “declare” the need to withdraw from the State of California and form a 51st State.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 467-3515.

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