Primary Election is June 3, 2014

My pics for Siskiyou County June 3 Primary Race

Forester Ray A. Haupt for District 5 Siskiyou County Supervisor

I like all of the incumbents. They are doing a good job.

County Measure C  — A BIG FAT  NO !

It will not create a State of Jefferson.

I will create another layer of government at the Siskiyou County level within the boundaries of Siskiyou County.

Do you want another layer of government and taxes ?????

NO on Measure C.


Candidates for the June 3 Primary- State Races



Tim Donnelly

Lt Governor

George Yang

Secretary of State

Pete Peterson

Attorney General

Phil Wyman


John Chaing- yes he’s a democrat but has been very good at his job.


Ashley Swearengin

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lydia Gutierrez  – she is against Common Core

Insurance Commissioner

Ted Gaines

Board of Equalization District 1

George Runner

District 2

No challenger

District 3

No challenger

District 4

Diane Harkey

Propositions statewide

(Keep in mind the Democrats in Sacramento puts these 2 measures on the ballot)

NO: While Prop 41 says it is aimed at helping our veterans, it also raises taxes, as the repayment to investors is made through the general tax revenue paid by taxpayers . This proposition to sell bonds is really for $1.3 billion over the life of bond. A $600 million dollars in bonds with an additional $50 million dollars annually for 15 years!


There are already many programs including housing allowances for veterans in our state,


The resources from these have not been exhausted yet so we should not get ourselves in debt more and put a higher tax burden on our veterans as they try to regroup here in California.


FYI Top 500 delinquent taxpayers in CA.


Top 500 Sales & Use Tax Delinquencies in California




NO: Prop 42 seems to be implying that if local agencies do not take over paying for the administration to comply with the Brown Act (Government Code 54950) and Public Records Act (Government Code 6250-6270)  that people will not be able to access records via those agencies locally. People already have a hard time in some counties accessing records because they don’t have a full time staff at the agencies, this will not make that better especially in our rural communities. As both Acts are state law and policy the state should keep its obligation to pay for citizens having the ability to access records via the agencies serving them.


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