Liz Writes Life 1-13-15

Jan. 13, 2015
Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA in Siskiyou Co. California

The Scott Valley Film Coalition and the Scott Valley Blues Society will present a Blues Bash on Friday, Jan. 23rd at “The REC” located at 11236 N. Hwy 3 in Fort Jones. Time is 7 to 10 p.m. Admission is $10. The Blues Bash will feature “Larry ‘B’ and the B Hive” along with special guest “The Ron Lovelace Blues Band.” Larry Alexander told me that it isn’t a concert, just bands playing music for fun and dancing. I think there will be some drinks available for purchase. Sounds like lots a good time.
Scott Valley Protect our Water will hold its next meeting on Thursday, Jan. 29 at the Fort Jones Community Center. It has been several months since we held a meeting, so this one should be packed with good info.
Ray Haupt will have one month of his role as District 5 Siskiyou Supervisor under his belt and will stop by to share some of the issues he has addressed. One includes a discussion with the CA. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (used to be Game) over the ESA. I think this past week, the agenda items regarding re-introduction of salmon to the Dunsmuir and McCloud area rivers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife proposed listing of the fisher – just in our area.
On Jan. 5, 2015, I attended the swearing-in of our newly and re-elected officials at the Yreka Theater. The next day, Ray Haupt started his new job and I am excited that his knowledge of the Endangered Species Act, CEQA, which is California Environmental Quality Act, and NEPA, the National Environmental Policy Act, will be beneficial to Siskiyou County. Ray knows and understands the details of each and that provides specifics to address how state and federal bureaucratic agencies are trying to twist the law to a non-resource-use objective. Go Ray!
The KBRA, Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, expired on Dec. 31st, 2014. But, do not despair – it still isn’t dead. (That was sarcasm folks.) I would think that if the “agreement” has not been re-signed that it should be dead, but the powers-that-be are ignoring the fact of the deadline. In a nutshell, it is the KBRA that is demanding the destruction/removal of four hydro-electric dams in order for PacifiCorp to obtain a true 20 to 50 year renewal from FERC for producing hydro-electricity from the Klamath Dams. FERC is the federal agency that governs licenses and power.
Remember that three of the Klamath River dams in question are located in Siskiyou County. And yet, our county was not allowed to be a stakeholder. This then begs the question of: What or who gets to be a stakeholder? One would think that our county should have been a major player in the creation of the KBRA. Oh, yeah, our county was against Klamath dam removal. OK, so the Greenie groups and government agencies decided that Siskiyou just didn’t belong in the decision-making process.
Klamath dam removal isn’t dead, but it should be. Hopefully, we will have additional info for the POW meeting.
Mark Baird said he will give an update on the State of Jefferson project. This Thursday, the Jefferson Declaration Committee will present two more Declarations to the State. Glenn and Yuba County Boards of Supervisors approved the split from the State of California in 2014. A rally for supporters of the State of Jefferson will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the West steps of the Capitol. All supporters are invited!
There are now 20 grassroots Jefferson Declaration Committees in 20 counties throughout Northern California. This next Tuesday will be busy as Mark Baird will give a presentation to the Plumas County Supervisors and another leader, Steve Baird, will speak to the Colusa County Supervisors. Steve and Mark are not directly related, but do admit to some stubborn, independence-minded Scottish heritage. Steve and his wife, Dianna, are leaders of the Placer County Jefferson Committee and Steve has worked-out the financials proving a new state could not just survive, but thrive. For more go to his website: and also check out: Jefferson
Last weekend, many Jefferson supporters manned a booth at the Sportsman Expo at the Cal-Expo fairgrounds in Sacramento. Mark told me that they handed out 1,000s of informational brochures and that most folks were genuinely concerned about the direction California is going in creating burdensome laws and taxes.
One remedy proposed by Mark and the Jefferson leadership is that under the State of Jefferson Constitution, each county will elect a state senator providing representation – a voice – for all areas of the state. This is what was changed in our U.S. Constitution, when the Reynolds v Sims case won in the U.S. Supreme Court in 1964. It is this case that took away the election of a state senator from each county and created the lack of representation for rural, less populated areas.
Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 530-467-3515.
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