The 9 Essentials to Sheltering in Place

When it comes to emergencies there’s items that are necessities and there’s items that are luxuries.Generally speaking you want to tackle the necessities first and then add additional items to increase the comfort level of the situation.

Here are 9 essentials you should have during a sheltering in place scenario, (keep in mind that you may be required to shelter in place somewhere besides your own home):

1.Water- Plan on 1 Gallon per person, per day for drinking and sanitation.Our water storage category includes items like Datrex Water Pouches and 5-Gallon Water Containers that can help you with your water needs.

2.Food – A supply of 3-5 days per person.For a lot of people the first couple of days can be supplemented by what’s already in the house.However, to insure that you always have your emergency food supply ready to go I recommend one of our 3-21 Day Food Supplies.

3.Clothes – In your 72-Hour Kit you want to be sure you have an extra pair of clothes and shoes for each person in your group/family.

4.Medications – It’s a good practice to collect 3-5 days worth of any prescription medications that you’re taking.Also be sure to note expiration dates so that you can rotate them appropriately.

5.Flashlight -When it comes to flashlights, don’t go cheap.There are good flashlights out their that are very affordable.Here’s some great options: Ultra-Bright 3-LED Dynamo Flashlight, 12-LED StreamLine Flashlight, or the ULTIMATE Dynamo Solar Powered Survival Radio.

6.Can Opener – This is another item that you want to be sure is high quality.There’s nothing worse than a can opener that won’t open cans.

7.Radio – The ideal option for a radio is one that has multiple options for powering the radio including, batteries, hand-crank, AC/DC, and/or

solar.The ULTIMATE Dynamo Solar Powered Survival Radio is a great option for this.

8.Hygiene Kit -Start with just the basics, soap, toilet paper and a toothbrush is enough to get most people by for 3-5 days.

9.First Aid Kit – Again, from a starting point perspective make sure that your first-aid kit at lest includes, antiseptic, gloves, bandages and your non-prescription medicine such as aspirin or Tylenol.

Put these 9 essential items in place and you’ve got a good foundation for a sheltering in place emergency kit!

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