Liz Writes Life 5-9-17

May 9, 2017

Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

Blue skies provided the perfect spring day for the Pleasure Park Rodeo last Sunday, May 7, 2017. The 70th Annual rodeo was supported by the California High School Rodeo contestants and also saw the return of local cowboys and cowgirls that have been competing for a decade or two. It was great to see Daryl Lara and J.D. Rose out there.

Thank you to the many people who organized and did the volunteer-work that made the rodeo a success!


One cucumber has popped up in the cold frame and the tomato plant is doing really well. The peas are about eight-inches tall. Spinach leaves are about two-inches and the lettuce is popping up. The bee balm and Oriental poppies really took off. Cabbages and broccoli transplanted last week are looking good. Asparagus is still lacking in spikes, but the rhubarb is huge. Potatoes are also poking up.


The May 1st snowpack is super duper. Local USFS employees slushed through significant snow to measure the snow depth of the measuring stations. The highest area was Scott Mt. at 5,900 feet showing 45-inches giving it 173 percent of average. Next was Middle Boulder #3 at 6,200 feet located near Mt. Bolivar at the south end of Scott Valley. It had 61-inches with the historic average at 40.3 inches giving it 151 percent of average.

Just below at Dynamite Meadow, at 5,700 feet, was the lowest snowpack at 19.5 inches of historic average of 22.1 inches with 88 percent. Now isn’t that interesting. Maybe there is more sunshine melting the snow? I’ve been told these are in the same area. Swampy John above Etna at 5,500 feet still has 60-inches of snow making 113 percent of average.


There were several successful fundraisers last weekend. We have such caring people here in our Siskiyou County communities.

I attended the event for Jeanette Finicum on Friday night at the Miner’s Inn in Yreka. Debbie Bacigalupi met Jeanette, in January, when she attended the one-year anniversary of Jeanette’s husband, LaVoy Finicum’s, death in Eastern Oregon. Thank you, Debbie for bringing Jeanette and her daughter, Thara Tenny, here to raise funds for their wrongful death civil suit.

The 250-ticket fundraiser was sold out and the auction items sold well. I don’t remember how much it was, but Jay Dancer was the winning bid on the airplane flight donated by pilot Mark Johnson. The barbecue beef ribs and dinner by Dave and Kathy Tyler was fabulous. Luckily, I was able to bring home a doggy bag of ribs!

First, Joe (who didn’t give his last name) presented Jeanette with the Purple Heart award he received for life-threatening wounds while fighting in Iraq. May 5th was the anniversary of the day he was medivaced to a U.S. hospital in Germany. Joe said Jeanette deserved the recognition, because of all she has suffered at the hands of the U.S. government. She was clearly touched.

Truths were revealed by both Thara and Jeanette. They learned quite a bit of information through the first Oregon Trial, where the two Bundy brothers and five others were acquitted by the jury — yet have been not released from prison cells.

Thara spoke first – encouraging us to understand the U.S. Constitution and our branches of government. She said her father, LaVoy, had a right to due process and instead he was shot in the back three times by government agents. She added that the agents were fed false rhetoric.

Jeanette said that more than 100 ranchers have lost their land, in their area, due to bullying and regulations of the BLM. Since his death, the BLM refuses to issue LaVoy’s grazing permit to Jeanette. They do not recognize her as his wife — yet and this is a really big yet — since his death they have been placing fines on her from LaVoy’s cattle grazing over a year ago after his death. Those fines are now up to $12,000. The BLM has forced her to move her cattle off of her land. She has been in litigation with them since. Remember, the federal government has deep pockets.

Then Jeanette explained how the media has demonized LaVoy and ranchers. “The press and environmental groups were partners in every way,” she said, adding that the press has redefined words like rancher, patriot even Tea Party to a very demeaning label.

The previous issues Jeanette discussed were not new to many of those in the audience, but the third subject was quite disconcerting. Jeanette said that intimidation by the FBI has been overwhelming. In most of the meetings, where she has spoken, there have been undercover FBI agents and certainly FBI investigating each event.

The FBI has gone so far as to contact city mayors and county leaders with threats for allowing her to speak. She found it hard to believe, but she learned that the FBI nearly raided one event.

Jeanette said her husband was a kind man and an excellent husband, father and neighbor. He believed in responsible government and loved teaching about the Constitution. Through it all, she and her family will continue to remain steadfast. “I will not be intimidated by the FBI or anyone else,” she finished.

At a dinner the previous night at Richard and Susan Marshall’s, I asked Jeanette if an arrest warrant for LaVoy had been issued? She responded, “A warrant was issued the day after they murdered my husband.”

Oh, such very shameful acts by the Oregon and federal governments and agents.

The funds raised for Jeanette Finicum are going to an exemplary cause. This cause must be won, if we are to maintain our freedoms and liberties from ever-encroaching domineering state and federal agencies. These are incredible and courageous women. My hat is off to them.

Check out Redoubt for more on the LaVoy and Bundy situations.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 530-467-3515.

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