Liz Writes Life 5-23-17

May 23, 2017

Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

Support Memorial Day by attending one of the honor guard services by the local American Legion Perry Harris Post #260 next Monday. The Callahan Cemetery service is at 10 a.m., Etna Cemetery at 11 a.m. and Fort Jones Cemetery at noon. And remember to thank our veterans!


Well, I feel really dumb as much of our garden has yet to be planted. With this heat, the seeds would certainly germinate quickly. But, alas we are waiting on the rotor-tiller to get fixed. Meanwhile, I spent a couple days irrigating iris and other perennials that I had ignored. The orange Oriental poppies are starting to bloom with a few purple iris and the California poppies are beautiful with the flowering lavender lupine.

The six red cabbages and six broccoli plants that we planted several weeks ago are doing well, but something is eating the top of some onions, darn it.


I need to mention that Ray Haupt, our Dist. 5 Siskiyou Co. Supervisor, attended an American Forest Resource Council Conference in Washington last month. He was asked to be on a three-member panel with two county commissioners from Idaho and Montana. He told the April Scott Valley Protect Our Water meeting, that 200 industry leaders in the timber business were in attendance. The three-member panel explained how rural counties and communities have been hard-hit because of the loss of a local timber economy.

Mills have moved to metropolitan areas and the forestry industry leaders do not always see the economic fall-out from the gigantic loss of the timber industry on public lands in rural areas. Ray and the other panel members explained this has caused a social mess. With the loss of jobs, rural counties experience more social abuses of drugs, alcohol, elderly, domestic and an increase in crime.

“My goal is to replace the spotted owl (poster) with one of abused children,” said Ray at the Protect Our Water meeting. He also said the panel’s goal was to reconnect counties with the timber industry and educate lobbyists who work in WA. D.C.

There are several lawsuits over local timber harvest sales, including the Westside Fire Recovery Plan, that Ray encouraged Siskiyou Co. to support with amicus briefs, which are a friend of the court. Since Ray has been in office, these lawsuits that our county has supported have been successful providing a ray of hope for more active forest management.

The next Protect Our Water meeting will be Thurs., June 1, 2017 at the Fort Jones Community Center. Time is 7 p.m. I will have the agenda for you next week.


Last week, I discussed the inhumane treatment that Ammon Bundy, and possibly other inmates, received in the privately-contracted federal Southern Nevada Detention Facility in Pahrump. And that a protest rally dubbed “Liberty Camp” had set up across the highway from the facility. Although the campers are only staying 14 days, so they would not need a permit, the local sheriff visited the camp and informed them they must get a permit or leave.

When the word got out, a neighboring landowner told the campers they could moved to his property, which is in back of the prison. It is actually a better situation, but hot Nevada winds are not making life easy. Food and supplies have been donated to the campers and the residents of Pahrump seem to be supportive of the group trying to expose inhumane and torturous treatment inside the facility.

But to keep things interesting, detention facility guards have filed multiple false reports claiming the protesters are violating prison space by stepping across boundary lines onto prison property or that protestors slapped a moving prison bus. The protesters are videoing their every move and can prove these reports are not true.

The camp participants are making daily treks around the compound in their “Jericho March” and continue to raise money. Guess that would be a bit intimidating to the prison guards. In one video, I saw Jeanette Finicum on LaVoy’s horse, joining the march. To send support letters or care packages or funds, the address is: Camp Liberty, 1776 East Mesquite Ave., Pahrump, NV 89048.

Camp Liberty has raised over $25,000 for the defense of Ammon Bundy.

Camp leaders are also encouraging supporters to call elected officials and the detention facility administrator saying they have heard of inhumane treatment of inmates in the facility. Nicely ask them to look into the situation.

Janice Killian, facility administrator, 775-751-4500 or fax 775-751-8763.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval: 775- 684-5670.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions: 202-514-2001.

U.S. Nevada Senator Dean Heller: 702-388-6605

U.S. President Donald J. Trump: For comments call 202-456-1111 or switchboard is 202-456-1414.

Here is an update on the trials or re-trails. Prosecutors said they will not re-file charges on Todd Engel or Greg Burleson again on the trial where the jury was deadlocked this spring. Both were found guilty on lesser charges and will be sentenced in July. But, additional “terrorism” enhancements will be asked for Engel, who was found guilty of two charges. A possible 30 years in prison could come from these enhancements.

Burleson was found guilty of 8 of 10 charges and faces a possible 57 years in prison. He was a government informant, so it looks like he has been left high and dry. The other four defendants in the hung jury trial will be re-tried the end of June.

The second group of defendants include Cliven Bundy. But this trial will not begin until after this re-trial of the first group, so it may be October until Cliven’s trial starts.

Then there is a third tier of the Nevada Bunkerville defendants, who most likely will not see their trial until spring of 2018. Talk about a lack to a speedy trial, along with all the other atrocities that have occurred!

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County. Check out her websites: Pie N and Liz Call her at 530-467-3515.

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