Liz Writes Life 8-8-17

August 8, 2017

Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA


Started picking green beans last week and made four more quarts of dill pickles. The two pumpkin plants are spreading out and trying to cover up the new spring-planted rhubarb, so I am pounding in wooden stakes to protect them.

The tomato plant in the cold frame produced a handful of small ripe ones this week, so I think it is two to three weeks ahead of the other tomatoes. All are Early Girl. Several bell peppers are nearly ready to pick.

Aphids are horrible on the broccoli and the heads are not maturing evenly, so I decided to pull up these six plants. Several red cabbages could be harvested and the one that I put the homemade spray on still has aphids, but doesn’t look quite so sad.

More POW

At the July 29th Scott Valley Protect Our Water meeting, Louise Gliatto said the threat of Smart Meters is back! She talked with a technician at Pacific Power and he admitted the company plans on replacing the old analog electricity meters on homes in Siskiyou County with new “Radio Frequency Meters”. They are wireless, digital and contain a Radio Frequency Chip that allows them to be read and controlled remotely. Meter readers will lose their jobs.

Home owners with the new RFC have reported their electric bill actually went up or even doubled. Apparently, the electric company will know when you use your appliances and those that are used during peak hours will be charged more. Might need to start doing your wash at midnight and using oil lanterns!

Many folks object to the radio frequency in homes and the monitoring by the electric company. Numerous health issues have been reported from the pulsed RF radiation into the home every 3-6 seconds. Pace makers are affected by the RF, but mostly there are complaints of more headaches, dizziness, nausea, earaches and insomnia after the RFCs are installed.

You can opt out by doing two things: Placing a sign on your electric box that says you do not want the Smart Meter and sending a certified letter to Pacific Power headquarters saying the same thing. There is a law that you don’t have to have it, but you must tell them ahead of time or it will cost you. I’ll share more later.

Ray Haupt, our Dist. 5 Siskiyou Supervisor, said The Nature Conservancy now wants to sell the ranch it purchased several years ago to the CA. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. TNC claimed it acquired the ranch to show how cattle could be raised without water! – allowing its water right to be left in the Shasta River for the coho salmon. Yep, it didn’t work. Ray said the ranch is now a giant weed patch.

In 2009, TNC purchased the Buske Ranch near Big Springs in Shasta Valley for $14.2 million. In 2011, TNC sold its water right to DFW obtaining $10.3 million from the state. So now, TNC believes their land is only worth about $2 million, which is likely true as the value of the land is greatly reduced without any water rights. Anyway, the county will receive fewer taxes and there will be significant loss of ranch-type revenue and work for locals.

Currently, Ray said California owes Siskiyou Co. over $500,000 for Payment in Lieu of Taxes. This is for the Iron Gate Fish Hatchery, Shasta Fish Hatchery and 1,000s of acres of land that is now in refuge-type or deer management. Unfortunately, I don’t expect Gov. Jerry Brown to turn over a new leaf and pay the rural counties what is owed them. Ugh!

Also, I believe this is a scam that TNC and other conservancy non-profits have perpetuated for several decades. It is definitely changing the idea, availability and viability of “private property” as state and federal governments are certainly ending up with more land that is no longer available to the private sector.

Michael Kobseff, who is chairman of the Siskiyou Co. Board of Supervisors, and Ray met with Assemblyman Brian Dahle, last month, to explain the problems with conservation easements, TNC and issues with DFW. A local farmer tried to get an emergency permit from DFW to stop erosion during the high-water from Moffett Creek last February. That has been a nightmare as eventually the Regional Manager, Neil Manji, finally gave the go-ahead yet the local game wardens have still been difficult. The farmer followed the “rules” and is still being hindered. So frustrating.

Assemblyman Dahle was also shown the fish barrier that DFW created in the Scott River at the diversion for the Farmer’s Ditch near Callahan. It was pointed out that the fish barrier is in violation of the CA. Endangered Species Act, since it harasses coho salmon that may be trying to swim upstream. A farmer wouldn’t be able to do that! (DFW is not looked upon favorably here in Siskiyou Co.)

Ray also mentioned that he took the CA. Water Quality Control Board member, lawyers and staff to task at the July 11th county supervisors’ meeting. He had received a letter from the Control Board saying he should not attend meetings the state agency holds with the Shasta Nation. Betty Hall, one of the Shasta leaders, asked Ray to attend a meeting where the agency was consulting with the Shasta on removal of the four Klamath dams.

In a quiet, but frank manner, Ray told the control board and staff that he will be at those consultation meetings, if the Shasta invite him, because they are his constituents. Oh, that was fun!

Erin Ryan, staff for Congressman Doug LaMalfa, explained that things are complicated regarding the Heath Care bill. The House Spending bill has money for the border wall and that it was sent to the U.S. Senate.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Check out her websites: Pie N and Liz or call her at 530-467-3515.

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