Liz Writes Life 10-3-17

October 3, 2017

Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

To wake Monday morning and hear of the horrific domestic attack in Las Vegas was shocking, so very sad and, as President Donald Trump said, gave way to much grief. I appreciate his sincere and caring statements as he addressed our nation and I echo his feelings, when he claimed the shooting during Jason Aldean’s country music concert “was an act of pure evil!” The president provided comfort for our nation, when he reminded us, “It is love that defines us.”

News reports said that many folks naturally began helping those who were wounded or frightened. What a great thing to know. There are so many good people in our country and their good works are much too often lost in the crowd of selfish voices we hear in the technical world.

President Trump said that he and the first lady pray for our nation – “to find unity and peace.” I agree and will do the same. This polarization has gone too far in too many ways. It is time to turn to God, remember the great sacrifice that true love is and fall on our knees in humble supplication for that unity and peace.

Good news

Now for some good news: During the Scott Valley Protect Our Water meeting, last Thursday night, Ray Haupt announced he will run for a second term as Siskiyou Co. Supervisor of Dist. 5. The crowd applauded and several individuals thanked Ray for his tenacity working to save the Klamath dams, pushing for more raids and arrests on illegal cannabis grows and helping local land owners fight to protect their water rights from intrusive state agencies. He also serves on several national forestry groups that are working to change policy and improve the management of national forests.

Yay, I totally support Ray and all the good work he has done for his constituents and the entire county.


Richard Marshall explained about the Citizens for Fair Representation lawsuit that was in a Sacramento court earlier in the month. The State of California has asked the judge to dismiss the case and she did not do that. CFR attorneys consider that a win as they will be allowed to amend their case that demands more representation for rural counties in the state legislature.

More than 100 supporters of the State of Jefferson attended the hearing, but less than half were allowed in the courtroom as it was not large enough to handle the spectators. CFR asked, in advance of the hearing, if the judge would move the case to a larger room. That suggestion was ignored.


Richard Marshall, president of the Siskiyou Co. Water Users Assoc., announced a fundraiser dinner will be held on Sat. Oct. 14, 2017 at Winema Hall at the fairgrounds in Yreka. Doors open at 5 p.m. with prime rib dinner prepared by grill master Dave Tyler and his wife, Kathy Tyler. Price is $30 per person and Friends of the Fair will offer a no host bar.

Richard said the pro-dam-taker-outers have been quiet lately, but there is a deadline of Dec. 31, 2017 for the non-profit Klamath River Renewal Corporation to obtain or side-step several permits. He said activities are going-on behind the scenes and, as if on cue, several newspapers reported on Friday that Allan Mikkelsen, a high-level Dept. of Interior appointed official, just stated the DOI will not interfere with plans to remove four dams from the Klamath River. Yep, you heard right!

Ray Haupt and Congressman Doug LaMalfa have met with Mikkelsen, within the past month, explaining the devastation that will occur to the environment, water quality and killing of an Endangered Species Act listed species – the coho — if the dams are destroyed. So, far Mikkelsen has dug-in his heels, but Ray and our congressman have not given up.

So, the fundraiser is coming at the right time to raise funds to save the Klamath dams. Richard said that our power bills will increase substantially if the dams are removed.

“We will also lose the ability to control instream-flow in the river, lose vital flood protections and the fish hatchery at Iron Gate,” said Richard. Most importantly, Rich explains that without the dams the enviros will call on the water in the Scott and Shasta Rivers and that will take away most of the water rights allotments of farmers and ranchers. Agriculture can’t survive without water.

“This is a huge risk to our way of life,” said Richard.

There will be two dynamic speakers sharing the spotlight. Both are attorneys and both have fought battles for forestry, farmers and water rights. They are James Buchal, who wrote “The Great Salmon Hoax” and participated in the Klamath Bucket Brigade back in the 2001 water shut-off to the Klamath Project farmers.

Larry Kogan has also worked on issues surrounding the Klamath Dams and will discuss the Klamath Hydro Settlement Agreement, as amended, and the role of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

You can get your tickets by calling Louise Gliatto at 530-842-5443 or Kathy Bergeron at 530-842-4400.


This Sat. Oct. 7, 2017 is a special barbeque dinner supporting the Veterans Assistance Program, which provides emergency assistance to Siskiyou Co. veterans and widows. Getting fire wood to those in need is a major project for this group.

It will be held at the Siskiyou Golden Fair Beer Garden at 5 p .m. with raffles and an auction. Tickets are $15 for ages 12 and over; $5 for ages 5 to 12; and younger children are free. Entertainment will be presented by the Yreka High School music program. For tickets call Jay Dancer at 530-598-6979 or Jennifer Bryan 530-917-9478.


The frost Monday morning likely took out what was left of our garden. Yahoo! Will miss the veggies, but not the work!

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Check out her websites: Pie N and Liz or call her at 530-467-3515.

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