Submit comment to FERC to save Klamath dams at this link:

This is the link:


Hi Everyone,

FERC (Federal Energy Regulation Commission) is accepting comments from the public on the 4 Klamath Dams.  There has been many comments sent by people from all over the US to take out the dams. We need to have everyone send in a comment to KEEP the DAMS.  We have a NOV.5th deadline...The supporters of dam destruction  would like you to believe it is a DONE is NOT!!!  Will you help?

See this face book posting by a resident of Copco…with instructions on how to submit a comment…

Loy Beardsmore  on face book…

If you’re a Copco Lake Fan, Residents around the lake, or Siskiyou Residents wanting to save the dams, NOW is the time to ACT!! I have read over 60 comments submitted to FERC in the last few days. ONLY ONE of the 60 was in favor of keeping the dams and it didn’t directly state that fact. All the entities wanting the dams out are mounting a HUGE drive to get everyone to make comments to FERC. Of the over 60 comments I read, ONLY about 10 are in the counties in the Klamath River watershed that would be true stakeholders in this process!!! Some of the commenters live in San Francisco, the Bay area, Southern California in LA, NYC, TX, ID, and other areas that are NOT directly impacted by dam removal. I know the way Washington, DC operates is that your comment will be seen as a tally mark Pro or Con on an issue. Here’s what you need to do IMMEDIATELY!! Have every member of your family submit separate comments, your friends, anyone who might have a stake in seeing the dams stay in place.

How to submit your comment:
1. Go to
(If you’d like to submit by mail, use address below. Include docket number P-2082-062 in letter.)
2. Enter your information including e-mail. Open automatic e-mail from FERC, follow link from there to submit comment.
3. In the docket field, enter number P-2082-062 to specify the project.
4. If you need help writing a letter, let me know and I will try to post something, but clearing stating that you are Against dam removal and a brief reason why is all that is needed. If you’re a Copco resident I would state that you are a DIRECT STAKEHOLDER and IF you want you could also state that you would like FERC to hold the KRRC responsible for offering a settlement for lost property values if the dams are to be removed. Also please be VERY CLEAR that you are AGAINST the removal of the dams!!

FERC requires comments be submitted by November 5th. Thank you for your help!

FERC Mailing Address:
Kimberly Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20426


 See Richard Marshall’s sample comment and additional instructions on how to comment.

Response to FERC re Dams

Go to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission website

Select e comment and file


After you submit an e Comment request, you will receive an email from with a link to the comment system. Your system must not block emails from Please create your comments in a Word or Text file (up to 6,000 characters) before you begin, then copy/paste them in the e Comment Text Box to avoid time-out limits. If you are not filing as an individual or if you are filing a motion to intervene, you must have an e Registration account and use the Commission’s e filing system.


Sample letter:

Secretary Kimberly Bose

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

888 First Street, NE

Washington D.C. 20426

Re: Docket    P-2082-062


Dear Secretary Bose,

 This letter is written to support retention of the Four Klamath River Hydro Electric facilities, JC Boyle, Copco 1, Copco 2 and Iron Gate Dam.  I support keeping the dams in place and reissuing the license for the dams to continue being used to develop clean and efficient hydropower.

 The argument from some that the removal of the dams will somehow create more fish is bogus.  The science and the eye witness reports from the 1800’s indicate that the Salmon never used the Klamath River beyond Moonshine Falls.   Further the damage which will occur to the aquatic life in the Klamath River will be inestimable and irreplaceable; there is no provision being made to repair and replace the marine life which will be wiped out by the dam removal process.   The ancient Shasta burial grounds will be uncovered and desecrated by this process.

 The plan to turn over the dams to KRRC for demolition is an affront to the citizens who support the efforts to keep and upgrade the hydro facilities.  In both Siskiyou County, California and Klamath County, in Oregon the voters have clearly indicated by nearly 80% of those voting that the dams should stay in place.  KRRC is a hastily formed Company with no prior experience who is being put into place without adequate vetting.  The only funds they have come from the ratepayers and taxpayers of the impacted Counties and from public funds that the California voters were hoodwinked into believing were to be used to create more water storage NOT for tearing down dams that supplied water and clean power and recreation.

 I urge the FERC to deny the license transfer and retain the dams which offer water storage, power generation, flood control and instream flow to protect the Salmon.

Sincerely   _____________________

Be sure to put your address ie  Siskiyou County etc.

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