Liz Writes Life 12-5-17

Dec. 5, 2017

Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

Some good things are starting to come from the educational Water Tour that our Siskiyou Co. Board of Supervisors held for high, state-level heads of California water agencies in October. Ray Haupt, Siskiyou Co. Supervisor for Dist. 5, spoke at the Scott Valley Protect Our Water meeting last Thursday night and explained a recent discussion with several agencies regarding another situation on Moffett Creek near Fort Jones. Those agency employees, including CA. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and Army Corp of Engineers, were quite considerate and helpful. What a nice change. That is really all “we the people” expect – respect on both sides.

Apparently, Chuck Bonham, the CA. Director of Fish and Wildlife, was unhappy with the “tone” of the Water Tour that he did not attend, although he was sent an invitation with plenty of notice. Bonham said the CA. DFW has spent over $32 million in Siskiyou County. But when, Ray looked into those funds, he learned that $27 million had been spent on Conservation Easements – which the state then has control over. Oops! Those are not dollars helping agriculture help Endangered Species Act-listed coho salmon.

On the next issue, Ray told us he was extremely disappointed the CA. Public Utilities Commission is choosing to defend the Klamath River Renewal Corp. instead of the rate-payers — which is us, the customers. Remember, the Public Utilities Commission was established to protect the customers of power companies from all kinds of bad practices. They are not meeting their obligation.

The county sent a “good fight” argument to the CPUC alleging the KRRC should not be receiving public trust funds for demolishing four Klamath hydro-electric dams. Several years ago, the CPUC permitted Pacific Power to put a surcharge on our bills for Klamath dam removal. The irony is that no federal agency or legislative decision has been made to allow the dams to be destroyed. But, CPUC has concluded Pacific Power can collect those funds and they can be given to KRRC to aid in fictional dam removal. Yeah, it just doesn’t make sense. Kinda feels like we are in a zombie zone!

Ray said the county supervisors will discuss their next challenge to the Klamath dam fiasco at their meeting today.

Smart meters

I found out that we should send our letter to opt-out of the RF meter program, to PacifiCorp, by “certified” mail. It is much cheaper than “registered” mail, which costs $23! Certified mail is a little over $6 and you will still receive the post card proving PacifiCorp received your letter.

Bundy ranch

There is really good news on the Bundy saga. Last month, the latest trial began for Cliven, Ammon, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne in a U.S. federal court in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, Ryan Bundy was released from prison to a half-way house on Nov. 13, 2017, so he could better study for his defense. He is defending himself. The federal prosecutors have been hiding information, which is called “discovery” from the defense, which the judge finally had to admit was a huge problem.

This is just the beginning of the prosecution’s deceit; and it is so blatant that even U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro can’t ignore it.

In previous trials, the judges have shut-down the Bundy defense team not allowing clarification in many instances. But recently, the defense has been able to disprove major aspects of the federal prosecution’s case. Looks like prayers for truth are working!

First is the fact that one of the BLM witnesses admitted the agency was doing surveillance on Cliven Bundy’s ranch house with up to four video cameras – several days before the April 2014 stand-off. The prosecution defended themselves saying BLM did not watch the live-feed on their huge flat-screen TV at the Command Center. Ha, yeah right! There is more, but you get the situation.

Yes, BLM was doing plenty of intimidation that we did not know about — before the Bunkerville stand-off.

For nearly two years, the BLM prosecution and federal judges have claimed the Bundys and their counterparts were too dangerous to be allowed out of detention prison. But that was before the FBI’s original “Threat Assessment” report was finally brought into court that stated Bundys were not a threat! The feds have worked hard to keep that report hidden.

 So, on Nov. 30, 2017 Ammon and Cliven Bundy were issued release orders by Judge Navarro. Ryan Payne was also granted release, which was interesting as he was still in prison in Portland, Oregon and a second federal judge had to agree. Payne was released Dec. 1, 2017 after posting bond. He was arrested on Jan. 26, 2016, when federal agents killed Lavoy Finicum in the illegal roadblock in Eastern Oregon.

Last Thursday, Ammon was released to shouts of joy from his wife, children, family and friends from the Las Vegas federal courthouse.

Cliven, the steadfast patriarch, was not released. Cliven is standing on principle. According to Shari Dovale, who writes for Redoubt, Cliven believes the remaining men from the 19 arrested regarding the Bunkerville stand-off must also be released when he walks out the doors – without half-way house conditions. He says that under the U.S. Constitution they are not guilty until proven so in court. Also, he will not walk out and leave those who went to Bunkerville to stand with him against hundreds of out-of-control federal employees and SWAT teams in April 2014.

Another expose: An FBI agent admitted, on the stand, that 1,000 FBI and other feds were assigned to spy on the Bundy family and closest supporters on social media. Wow, how much has this tyrannical attack cost the U.S. taxpayer?

It has also been exposed BLM undercover agent Robyn Kirkham (Alex Branson) was working to incite the Bundys to react violently before the Bunkerville stand-off.

There is so much more that proves the feds have certainly over-stepped their authorities. Trampled is a better description. Also, Cliven only owed $8,815 in grazing fees. BLM tacked on $292,601 in administrative fees, but that is still much less than the $1.1 million BLM told the media. Lies and more lies by government employees.

Even though truth is beginning to prevail, this isn’t over. Please continue praying for the truth to set Bundy’s and their supporters free from this tyranny.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County. Check out her site or call her at 530-467-3515.

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