Liz Writes Life 12-12-17

Dec. 12, 2017

Liz Writes Life


Thomas Jackson, the Siskiyou Co. Veterans Service Officer, sent out a notice last week. His office is compiling a list of veterans that could use a Christmas dinner. So, if you know of a veteran who is in need of some love, concern and dinner please call his office ASAP at 530-842-8010.


The cabbages are gone. Jack is re-doing the stairs to our porch and took down a small part of the garden fence. (We don’t have lawn. Instead, we have a garden and it is right next to the porch on two sides of the house.) It didn’t take long for the now-tame deer to find the hole, get in the garden and start eating on the cabbages. I saw the doe out there late at night. No, I didn’t shoot her!

One small cabbage and the giant leaves on the other cabbages were eaten, so I got the hatchet and cut off the last four cabbages. Three were fairly small like a flattened volley ball, but the other one is the size of a sorta-flattened basket ball. But remember, this flat-head type of cabbage is not tight, so there isn’t as much cabbage.

The three small ones are in the refrig and the big one is outside in the garage covered in old curtains and canvas. I checked on it last Saturday and the outside is starting to get a bit frosted from these cold nights, so I better cut it in half a give it away.

We were low on potatoes and so we dug a little over 10 pounds of Russets. Potatoes that were close to the top of the ground were frozen and we tossed them. But the others were great. Super white! I cut them up for fried taters and Jack barbecued several thick pork shoulder steaks. I rinsed off the rest of the potatoes and put them in a paper sack in the bottom of the refrig, cuz I don’t think they will do well at room temperature after being nearly frozen.

We kept putting off getting some mulch on top of the three or four hills left, so Jack wheel-barrowed sawdust and put on them. Sure was nice to know that the 20-degree temps hadn’t hurt the potatoes that were down several inches.

Now, on a warmer-type day, I need to drag several bags of manure to dump on top of the two rhubarb plants. Last year, when I was visiting Sam Thackeray in Utah, he told me that my Uncle Charlie Hovenden said to put manure on rhubarb every fall and it will do really well the next spring. Yep, there are only a few more days of “autumn”, so I better get it done.

Grenvik Greenhouse

Tim thinks the culprit eating his four-inch tall tomato plants was a mouse or two. He is plugging holes, setting traps and using moth balls to deter any more coming in. Recently, a friend emailed me that she believed it was a mouse that ravaged his tomatoes, because she has raged war with mice in her greenhouse. So, I think Tim has found that it wasn’t insects doing this dastardly deed.


I just learned that the Shasta Valley Wildlife Area outside of Montague is now closed to most of the public. Yep, that’s right. I consider this an affront to the citizens of California, because it is their tax dollars that paid for what was once a cattle ranch with several large reservoirs. But, California is in debt to the tune of over $389,244,295, 433 – that is $389 billion with the estimated debt per citizen at $9,906.  The state government bureaucracies are over-the-top in spending, but those people think it is ok, cuz they will just find more ways to make the citizens pay.

There are now signs at the Wildlife Area that explain as of November 1, 2017, individual’s are required to possess a daily or annual “lands pass,” unless you carry a valid California hunting or fishing license. The pass fee is $4.32 per day or $24.33 per year. Apparently, the wildlife area is closed this time of year, except to those with the proper licenses or permits. Oh, those aged 15 and under do get to enter free of charge.

Lands passes may be purchased on-line or by phone at 800-565-1458 or in-person at locations where hunting and fishing licenses are sold. Lands passes cannot be substituted for Wildlife Area Hunting Passes, which are required for adult hunters on Type-A and Type-B areas.

School and organized youth groups, including accompanying adults, are exempt from the lands pass requirement, but need to contact the area to schedule a field trip.


Four more men were ordered released from prison detention last week. Dave Bundy and Jason Woods walked out of the Las Vegas federal courthouse last Monday and then Mel Bundy as night fell. Joe O’Shaugnessy’s release is contingent on an agreement from the Oregon Standoff judge in Portland.

Patriarch Cliven Bundy is still locked-up. He is waiting for all the men who supported him, and then arrested, are released.

Redoubt and other sources reported on the third week of the trial saying that the federal judge is having her eyes opened, whether she likes it or not, about the prosecution. You see, the prosecution witnesses are inadvertently exposing new evidence. This is extremely important, because the prosecution has failed time and time again to provide this information to the defense attorney.

The prosecution is getting caught red-handed in lies. One being that Cliven was worried about the build-up of surveillance by the feds of his home, including a significant number of snipers stationed on the hills around his ranch. He felt an attack was imminent by government agents. This began several weeks before the April 12, 2014 standoff.

A significant aspect of the trial is the fact that the Bundys believed they needed to use the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves from the feds. Both federal women judges have shown their disbelief that the Bundys truly were threatened. But, the truth is coming out in the trial, including the many trumped-up charges.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Check out her site or call her at 530-467-3515.

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