Liz Writes Life 1-30-18

January 30, 2018

Liz Writes Life

Itis official. At the Scott Valley Protect Our Water meeting, last week, Ray Haupt announced he is running for re-election for Siskiyou Co. Supervisor of Dist. 5. There was applause. Yay, Ray is appreciated for how hard he is working for “we the people! Then Ray began discussing his priorities, while serving as chairman of the county board of supervisors, this year. Number #1 priority is to bring accountability to county departments and budgets; and he has already met with county department heads on that topic.

Discussion quickly went to the meetings Ray and Dist. 3 Supervisor Michael Kobseff attended in Sacramento earlier this month. They were invited by Tom Gibson, undersecretary to John Laird in the CA. Natural Resources agency and also by Chuck Bonham, director of CA. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to meet with them — separately. Gibson attended the Siskiyou Water Tour that the supervisors held last October, where ranches and water environmental projects were discussed.

Last week, I wrote about these two meetings and how the state-level government officials were impressed with the work that has been accomplished. Ray reported there is already better communication that is occurring with Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Recently, another landowner on Moffett Creek needed to do a restoration project and found much improved cooperation with the local employees in obtaining the needed permits. Super!

Dorene D’Adamo sits on the CA. Water Quality Control Board. She also attended the October Water Tour and was impressed with a groundwater recharge project. Ray said that D’Adamo called him, recently, and wants to work with the county on a permitting project, which is impressive.

Earlier this month, it was learned that Dave Meurer is now the second paid employee for Klamath River Renewal Corporation “ the non-profit that is trying to purchase four Klamath hydro-electric dams from PacifiCorp and destroy them. Meurer is well-known in Siskiyou County as he served as staff to Congressman Wally Herger and then worked for CA. Senator Ted Gaines. Meurer’s new position with KRRC is community liaison. The new role for Meurer was met with shock and frustration by those who do not want the dams destroyed. Recently, it has been rumored that KRRC was close to finding liability insurance for the environmental damage the dam removals will create. Siskiyou Co. Natural Resources Specialist, Elizabeth Nielsen, asked Meurer if this was true. There was some evasion, but finally Meurer admitted — not yet. So that is good news. Great job, Elizabeth, for ferreting out that answer.

Gossip and myths abound, when it comes to the Klamath dams issue and the KRRC. Recently, FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) held meetings on the dams’ removal with some local Tribes. Elizabeth attended the meetings held with the Quartz Valley Indian Reservation, Karuk and Yurok Tribes. FERC must agree to the purchase of the dams from PacifiCorp to KRRC. FERC should be held liable for unforeseen consequences of dam destruction. Elizabeth reported that the meetings were mostly conversation and discussed official recovery work.

I asked Ray the significance of the meetings. He said he wasn’t sure, because the way the meetings were held they did not correctly follow either NEPA or CEQA processes. NEPA is the National Environmental Policy Act and CEQA is the California Environmental Quality Act. Both must be strictly followed for dam removal to take place. So were these FERC meetings a smoke screen?

The problem that continues to occur, as it did with the previous Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, is that fraudulent science is being used, data is not being used correctly, Endangered Species Act is not being adhered to and neither NEPA nor CEQA were followed or signed-off correctly in the past. Ray said Siskiyou County is boldly working to make the agencies and KRRC follow government rules, especially NEPA and CEQA processes.

Another fun phone call, to Ray, came from Sydney Lewis, who is a staff assistant to U.S. CA. Senator Kamala Harris. Yep! And she wanted to talk about forestry, reducing the catastrophic wildfires and proposing forest legislation. This is a big wow! Ray has written forest legislation and was happy to meet her in Mount Shasta to discuss the current environmental mess. Several other county supervisors also met with her. I believe they were Lisa Nixon, Dist. 4, and Ed Valenzuela from Dist. 2.

These meetings bode well for Siskiyou County to have civil and respectful communications with those in charge at a higher levels is a huge step in the right direction.

Scott Valley Plan

Unfortunately, Lynne Bryan was not able to attend the Protect Our Water meeting last week. She has been invited to reschedule and speak at the Feb. 22, 2018 meeting on the Citizens for Orderly Growth creating the Scott Valley Land Plan back in the 1970s.

LaVoy and Cliven

Widow Jeanette Finicum, 12 Finicum children and the Finicum Estate have filed a wrongful death civil suit for the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum on Jan. 26, 2016 in Eastern Oregon. They are asking for $5 million in damages for each petitioner.

There are a host of defendants named for allegedly being part of LaVoy’s death. Some of them include the United States of America, FBI, BLM, fired BLM Supervisor Daniel P. Love, former U.S. Senator Harry Reid, FBI Special Agent W. Joseph Astarita (who has been indicted for cover-up and lying about shooting at least two bullets during the ambush), State of Oregon, Gov. Katherine Brown, Senator Ron Wyden, Harney County, David M. Ward (Harney County Sheriff at the time) Steven F. Grasty (county judge), The Center of Biological Diversity and 100 John Does.

Now why in the world would Kieran Suckling, the leader of the Greenie Center be so outspoken against the Finicums and siding with the feds? Yep, read between the lines folks!

Also, Cliven Bundy has filed a lawsuit in Nevada’s Eighth Judicial District Court against the state of Nevada and Clark County. He is seeking a judicial ruling that federal land in Nevada belongs to the state of Nevada and the people of Clark Co. not the federal government. It would be huge if this situation could be settled and it would affect all the Western states that did not receive their allotted lands that were held back by the federal government, when they became states. Under the U.S. Constitution, when a Territory becomes a state the lands that had been held for governance by the fed are to be turned over to the new state.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou Co. and lives near Callahan. Call her at 530-467-3515.

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