Liz Writes Life 2-6-18

Feb. 6, 2018

Liz Writes Life

We are just a handful of days into February and it is downright warm, warm, warm! T-shirt weather for sure. I was shocked to see my daffodils are up and not just peeking-up, but they are over six-inches tall and building buds. So I checked the garlic, but they still think it is winter and haven’t sent up any shoots.

We typically get a two-week warm spell in February, but that is after a good cold (and snowy) January — that we didn’t get. The USFS snow-depth survey crew was likely out on Feb. 1, 2018 doing its first measurements in the mountains around Scott Valley and it doesn’t look like they had much to measure. Darn. Hopefully, I’ll have those numbers for you next week; although it won’t be anything to look forward to. Ugh! Think snow! Pray for snow, we need a Miracle February and March.

Oh, I needed some potatoes last week and so Jack dug our last couple of hills. Surprisingly, there were lots more red potatoes with just a few Russets, but they were firm and cold. Five or six were frost-damaged from not being deep enough, even with the sawdust mulch, but we ended up with about 10 pounds of potatoes. The 2017 garden is now officially done!

Also, I didn’t get the six hyacinth bulbs planted in November. I did think to put them in the refrig in December to make them think they had sorta been through a cold-spell. Then in mid-January, I decided to see if they would grow in the house. I put them in two bowls with small rocks around them and poured in an inch of water. Wow, have they grown especially in the last warm week! They have huge root systems and the greenery is two-inches high. I try to remember to add water every few days. I’ll let you know how long it takes for them to bloom. Years ago, I forced bulbs, but I usually put them in the water/rocks in December and they were blooming about now.

Gun laws dinner

Sam Parades, Executive Director of Gun Owners of California, will explain the new 2018 gun and ammunition laws at a fund raiser barbecue on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018 at the Miner’s Inn Convention Center. This is a luncheon sponsored by the Siskiyou Co. Republican Central Committee. Doors open at noon with Dave and Kathy Tyler serving their famous smoked baby back ribs, chili beans, coleslaw and cornbread muffins at 12:30 p.m. There will be a Dessert Auction. Cost is $20 per person. Please reserve your seat by calling me at 530-467-3515, Annie Ohlund at 530-842-2350 or Kathy Tyler at 530-905-2492.

Thanks to those who have called in their RSVP. Last Friday, Siskiyou Co. Dist. 1 Supervisor, Brandon Criss, called me asking for reservations for him and his wife. I asked Brandon what he has been working on, as supervisor. He mentioned several committees that he serves on; and is pleased to announce contracts will soon be made with the ambulance and volunteer fire depts. in Butte Valley. That is certainly a good thing. Brandon serves as a volunteer firefighter.

I recently investigated the new ammunition law and it looks like this: If you purchase ammo online, you cannot have it shipped to your house. It must be shipped to a licensed vendor in California. Then you must pick it up at that business and show identification for them to let you out the door with your ammo.

Anyone who sells ammunition must purchase a special license from California. I don’t know how much this new license will cost, but it will add to the cost of doing business for sure.

Also, we are not to purchase ammo out-of-state and bring it into California. There is an exemption if you are a hunter, you can bring in 50 rounds. Guess this is incentive to become a better shot. But, typically we need to practice to become a better shot. Hum?

I made one trip to Medford last month. The man at the CA. border bug station did not ask if I had any ammo. (For your information, I did not buy any.) He did threaten to confiscate my apple turnovers sitting on the seat next to me. I told him they had been baked and surely no subversive bugs had survived and then I offered him one —  really I wasn’t trying to bribe him, just willing to share! He was a nice guy and said he had his own mini-apple turnovers. So there!

Anyway, so far the agriculture people do not seem to be the enforcement for the ammo law, so how will California enforce this ridiculous law?

Please remember to call-in your reservations for the barbecue.

Duane Ehmer

Duane, made it to Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution, on time, to begin his one year and one day sentence for digging a fox hole during his time at the Oregon Malheur Refuge in Jan. 2016 with the Bundy brothers. I wrote about Duane in January, when he rode his horse, Hellboy, through Scott Valley on his way from Northeast Oregon to Lompoc.

Recently, I learned that Lompoc is a low-security federal prison for male inmates. There are two divisions: one is higher-security for younger inmates; and a lower-security one for low-level risk inmates, which is where Duane is likely placed. This institution has work programs with some that permit inmates to work in the community. Hopefully, this correctional facility will be less abusive than the detention centers, where Ammon and Ryan Bundy were held without trial for nearly two years.


More information has been released regarding the Deadman’s roadblock that was set up Jan. 26, 2016 north of Burns, OR. to stop two vehicles, whose occupants included Ammon and Ryan Bundy. Ryan was shot in the arm and LaVoy Finicum was shot three times in the back — killed by government law enforcement officers either FBI or Oregon State Police. Documents say it was the Oregon State Police that did the deadly deed not FBI.

This new information shows that the FBI specifically requested Oregon State Police not, I repeat not, wear their standard body cameras. Why? Did the FBI set up the OSP? Anyway, this is the reason that no images of the shooting from police body cameras have been shown. Sure does add to our distrust of these agencies.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 530-467-3515.

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