Fog in valley finally clears on Jan. 8, 2011

We had so much fog in Scott Valley for days-on-end that it looked like it had snowed.  But it is just ice crystals.  I took this photo on Wed. Jan. 5th about 10 a.m. near Etna at Dotty’s Jolly Cone.

We call this Hammond’s hill. It is just outside of Etna on your way to Fort Jones and it gets icy on this short mile stretch through the pine trees, when it is foggy or stays below 32 degrees for very long.

This clearly shows the fog bank that starts just outside of Fort Jones and stayed in the valley up to nearly Fay Lane all week.

Sorry to rub it in, but most of the week we had blue skies — like this.  And then you can see the bank of fog that begins at Fay Lane.

This is 25 miles from the end of the fog bank on the other side of Fort Jones. Some of the residents were really feeling the affects of no-sunshine for days on end.  So, they surely welcomed today.

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