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Comment: I usually post my weekly column in the Siskiyou Daily News in my other blog called but will also post it here this week.  We had big water news on April 1st, when 150 folks supported Mark and Cyndi Baird in turning on their legal Water Right for irrigation.  For more on that go to:

March 29, 2011

Published Siskiyou Daily News

Wondering what the weather will be this week? Snow storms canceled many meetings and activities last week, but we did make it through a snowy Weed, Dunsmuir and Sacramento River canyon to get to Congressman Tom McClintock’s office on March 23. Several groups have formed a Siskiyou Alliance to fight the water wars. Dan Dorsey of Mt. Shasta TEA Party invited one member from each of the following groups to participate. These are: Frank Tallerico from Siskiyou Water Users Assoc; Louise Gliatto from Yreka TEA Party; Tony Melo from NO Monument; Tony Intiso from Pomona Grange; myself from Scott Valley Protect Our Water; and Danielle Lindler from KARE (Klamath Alliance for Resources and Environment – the pro-forestry group).

We obtained an appointment with Congressman McClintock in Roseville and made the 1 p.m. meeting with 35 minutes to spare. Because congress was in recess, we were able to meet both of his office directors, who were quite knowledgeable about our issues up here. Congressman McClintock started the meeting by stating he realizes there is an (enviro) movement to destroy our agricultural economy here in the Klamath and Siskiyou area. It was refreshing to hear an elected official, who grasps our dilemma. He represents our neighboring counties to the east of us starting with Modoc following the Sierras down to El Dorado County. McClintock is chairman of the Water and Power subcommittee, which is under the House Natural Resources Committee, who is chaired by a realist, Congressman Doc Hastings from Washington State.

Our purpose of the meeting was to share additional information the Siskiyou Water Users Assoc has regarding the tragedy, both environmentally and economically, if the Klamath Dams are removed. Congressman McClintock, along with Congressman Hastings, is already a leader in this battle. We wanted McClintock to know that we in Siskiyou County are behind him 100 percent.

Spring time in Siskiyou

Guess what? I see the Marlahan mustard is starting to grow at my place. They are small green leaves packed tight about two-inches in width, so spring is on its way. I should get out the Round-Up and start spot spraying these weeds. Ha, ha. There are buds on my small Fowler lilac bush I planted by the house and I enjoyed a light whiff from the violets that are blooming. Oh, the daffodils that Jesse Hammond gave me several years ago are blooming. The garlic looks great and more lettuces are growing – right through all that snow. I hope to get some photos up today on my and blogs.

Now is a good time to plant some seeds in the house. I usually try to start some flowers and peppers in the house in mid-March, but forgot. With this kind of wet spring, we may not get to plant our annuals until late-May or June, so I will purchase some peat rounds, soak them, pull out my soil heating pad and get to work putting seeds in the peat.


Sorry folks, but my Liz Writes Life is getting more and more about water; and the government agencies that are trying to control our water. I believe there is an attitude that government will protect us, but the bottom-line is: They are not.

I support the suction-dredge miners that will be giving public comment to the California Dept. of Fish and Game on Wed. March 30th at 5 p.m. This meeting will be held by the Fish and Game regarding the suction-dredge Permits at the Yreka Community Center. Last year the suction-dredgers were shut-out of their recreational activity on the Klamath River and Siskiyou County. This is ridiculous. The idea that suction-dredging is harmful is a downright lie. Strict regulations were put in place over a decade ago. Science shows, and you can check with John Menke, Ph.D. on this, that this type of dredging actually cleans the gravels and the salmon prefer to lay their eggs in this healthy environment.

Protest on April 1

Scott Valley POW is sponsoring a Water Rally and Protest against the Dept. of Fish and Game on April 1, when a local rancher legally begins using his Water Right. We will rendezvous at Mean Gene’s in Greenview at 11 a.m. and drive out to the ranch to participate in opening the headgate to his diversion. Irrigation season beings April 1st for ranchers with irrigation Water Rights. Those who want to show support of protecting our Water Rights are invited to participate.

Oh, I don’t know if this is good news or not, but the Scott Valley POW board voted me in as president last week. I will try my darnedest to do a good job. Our first president, Craig Chenoweth, resigned to work with attorney Fred Kelly Grant on the coordination process for Siskiyou and is still a strong member of POW. Find out more at: Pie N

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