Wild turkey and blinking deer sign

Last week, a wild turkey crossed the road just outside of Fort Jones.

I stopped and took a photo as it safely made it across State Rt. 3.

Later in the day, I was driving home from Yreka and one of the new-but-not-working Deer Signs was blinking.  I turned around and took a photo of it and then it stopped blinking.  Guess it was bashful.

I had never seen this sign working before and was under the assumption that the mile-long project, which is said to have cost a million dollars — all in the name of protecting deer from being hit by drivers — ran out of money and the blinking deer signs were not yet in working order.  Guess this blinking deer sign decided it was time to blink on this warm summer day.

But now I am wondering, if the California Fish and Game Commission will decide there should be a blinking wild turkey sign installed  two miles down the road — to protect the wild turkeys?

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One Response to Wild turkey and blinking deer sign

  1. Karen Dunford says:

    Hey Lizzie….don’t give ‘em any more ideas!!! Next we know they’ll want one to help all the darling little ground squirrels!!!!

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