Spring-time Trip to Gazelle, CA.

I am re-writing my Dillman Family History 1928 to 1941 on my other blog: www.lizbowen.wordpress.com.

And I have decided to take photos of their travels in Siskiyou  County and the places they lived and worked. So last week, which was the first week of May and near enough to the end of April when my family drove through Gazelle, I decided one evening to go take photos.

These are the photos of “today” 2011 of Gazelle. The ones for the Family History will go up on the other blog within a day or two.

This is taken about a mile down from the summit of Gazelle Mt. looking into Shasta Valley.  Gazelle is the first town to greet you.

Finally down on the flat, these horses graze on the spring grass.

The 189o building was refurbished recently. It is beautiful. Next door is the Gazelle U.S. Post Office.

The train still runs through Gazelle, though it is not the major station it once was.

From the north end of Gazelle looking towards town with the Eddy mountain range in the distance — the peaks with the solid white of snow.

Hummm, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

I wonder how old this huge house is?

This old building was repainted recently with the original Case farm machinery advertisement sign.

Likely a 100 year-old barn and it is still standing right in the heart of down-town Gazelle.

Justin Horman owns one of the few businesses in town — Gazelle Auto Care. Notice Mt. Shasta is in the background. It seems to hover over most everything in Shasta Valley.

Justin is working on this engine and will exchange it into another vehicle.

This is the turn-off to Callahan — back to my house. Don’t blink or you might miss it!

Don’t know when this 76 gas station was built, but it looks like it stopped selling gas when Super was 69.9 cents a gallon. I guess that would be around 1971 or so, cuz it jumped from about 75 cents to a dollar, when I was in college in 1973 or 1974.

I need to check the 2010 census, because the 2000 census claimed there was a total of 136 residents in Gazelle.  But I don’t know where they draw the boundaries!

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