Honoring cowboy Jim Johnson

In tribute to Jim, the ranch equipment was silent on Friday, May 20, 2011 at the Hurlimann ranch.

Jim’s sons and nephews served as pall bearers taking the casket from the hearse. Marines were in attendance to honor Jim for his service as a Marine in the 1950s. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

American Legion, Perry Harris Post #260 provided the Honor Guard.

Jim was sure to appreciate the 3 volleys of gun fire in his honor.

I assume these planes were flown by the Scott Valley Airmen, whom Jim visited with many times over the years as the Scott Valley Airport is just a mile or so from his home and ranch.

This pilot flew the missing-man formation.

U.S. Marines fold the flag draped on Jim’s casket.After a precise folding, one of the Marines presented the United States flag to widow, Cathy Johnson.

After the family each laid a flower on Jim’s casket, the crowd was invited to do the same. While the line grew larger, several individuals shared stories of Jim. Jasha Reynolds read a fine tribute and Tim McNames summed Jim Johnson up with this thought: Heaven hasn’t been quite the same, since Jim arrived. Causing a ruckus and hectic would be good descriptions. And there has already been a report that Jim had caught a still-rank bronc, eared him down and talked St. Peter into getting on. And Peter was a fisherman not a cowboy. Yep, that would describe Jim Johnson to a T.

An estimated 500 to 600 gathered on the hillside of the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Jones.

For more about Scott Valley, check out:  www.lizbowen.wordpress.com

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