Flowers blooming July 15, 2010

Here are some flowers that are blooming in my garden today.

This is a perennial ice plant that survived the 4 degree temps last December.  There were two other ones over two-feet wide in one flowerbed, but they did not make it.  Luckily, this one is closer to the house and had some protection.

Yarrow is also perennial and this one grows five feet tall and stays yellow for nearly two months.  It is a little late this year, I think because of the cool, rainy April and May we had.

I purchased a six-pack of zinnias and have them planted by the Shasta daisies that are about ready to dry up.

I am still looking for the correct name of this two-foot tall plants that grows like weeds here. But the purple bloom is pretty.

The blue morning glories are just beginning to trail up the lattice.  It seems they never bloom until mid-August, but the big blue trumpet blooms are worth it.

To see a photo of the blue morning glories from last year, click on:

http://lizbowen.wordpress.comBe sure to go into the older posts as I put them up several months ago, when I was needing a colorful flower fix.

Also, up-to-date garden pics are on the

Boy is the corn growing.

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