Wintery day — May 28, 2011

A bit of blue sky started late in the day at the south end of the valley at Hayden’s ranch.

Horses on Island Road, near Etna, hustle as another gust of wind and rain start to hit. Looking north at Callahan bridge — that is rain down in the valley.

Hammonds Angus cattle on Island Road enjoy some green grass from the warm sunshine earlier in the month. But it was more like March this day.

South Fork of the Scott River by Hayden’s runs high from rain and snow in the mountains.

U.S. Flags at the Callahan Post Office.

Callahan Post Office resides in this 130 year old hotel on Main Street of Callahan. Well, Main Street is State Route 3, but it is still Main Street!

For garden and flowers, check out:

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