Cowboy Poets perform

It was Friday night, when five local Cowboy Poets drove into town — Etna — to perform with the Blue Grass Band “Shades of Blue.” This event kicked-off the Annual Blue Grass Festival weekend for Scott Valley.

It was great to see Butch Jones, from Shasta Valley, up on stage doing his “Pert neer” poem.  Butch had a heart attack that badly damaged his heart about 20 years ago.  But last spring that all changed and Butch received a new heart as he was a heart-transplant patient in a hospital in San Francisco.  Butch looks great and of course he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

Larry Arkfeld, left, introduced each poet and kept the show rolling throwing in a classic poem himself. Scott Valley rancher, Mike Bryan, is on the right.

Bill Roberts and Peggy Goshgarian sang several songs and Bill remembered a poem or two.

Phil Laubacher stood proudly as he recalled most of his first poem.

Then he put on his roller skates.

And tried to skate down the aisle, which is pretty steep in the Avery Memorial Theater providing extra entertainment.

So he decided to walk down sideways.  Then turned around to skate and ended up on his rear.  It had to hurt, but up he got up and rolled on down to the stage to do his poem about catching a cow, while wearing roller skates.

Phil said he takes “exception” to the title I gave him last year, when he did the same poem with the same skates at the Avery. I sent in his photo to the “Pioneer Press” and labeled Phil “crazy.”

So, I asked Phil on Friday night, the adjective that he would give himself. He quickly said: De-ranged.  I agree!

Thanks Siskiyou Cowboy Poets, you were lots of fun.

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