A little bit of Scott Valley

Scott River at Callahan Bridge in early November 2011.  We had a late fall, because it didn’t freeze hard during October.  A bit unusual.

Even the pastures were still green in early November in Scott Valley. This is on Eastside Road between Etna and Callahan, CA.

Our valley is not very wide. This photo is taken at one side, shooting to the other. But it is much longer and in a horseshoe curve about 30 miles long.

Huge dredger tailings on our property beside the Scott River. Those rock-riffles are 20 feet deep. We have about 70 acres of land that looks like this. A large dredger mined for gold here in the 1930s.

We would like to sell the rocks, but getting the Permits will cost close to $50,000, which is out of our league. The ENVIRONMENTAL regulations are in the extreme and keep people out of business.

Our forests are thick with trees, but because of the EXTREME environmental regulations over 90 percent of the trees in the Klamath National Forest of the US Forest Service are off limits. This is part of the Scott River Ranger District at the south end of Scott Valley.

US Forest Service manages the Klamath National Forest Service in Siskiyou County and covers about 62 percent of the land base in the county, taking that land out of the tax base and private property.

Lawsuits from the enviros make is nearly impossible to get a timber harvest plan accomplished.

These trees are 700 to 800 times the NATURAL amount of trees.  If lightning strikes anywhere in this area — it will be nearly impossible to put out.

For more about Scott Valley and the group trying

to Protect Our Water and property go to:

Pie N Politics.com


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