Helicopter, clouds and smoke on July 25, 2010

As I drove over Gazelle Mt. summit on July 25th, the storm was nearly over. The aroma of fresh rain sizzling after the heat of summer days is amazing.

As I neared Callahan, about three miles out, I noticed several smokes from lightning strikes on the hillsides.  So I turned up Highway 3 that heads towards Trinity Center to see if I could spot it.  A helicopter was already on it and I could see a Forest Service crew below.  I was lucky enough to catch it dropping the water.

It was a dry old hillside and surely could have easily made a big fire.

As I drove back down the mountain and on the hill just outside of Callahan was this smoke.

Lightning struck throughout the north state of California and our Scott Valley was hit pretty good.Luckily, heavy rains hit as well and hopefully put out all potential fires.

Thank you fire crews for your speedy work on the bigger smokes.

Here is one of the clouds before the storm.

Check out Pie N Politics.com at http://pienpolitics.com to see a great photo by Jess Bigham the next night, July 26th, after lightning, wind, hail and rain drenched Quartz Valley and Greenview.  You may need to scroll down a few posts.

The sky was on fire as the sun set. A friend told me the entire air around her had turned red.

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