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March 6, 2012

Published Siskiyou Daily News

Several weeks ago, I heard someone mention their daffodils were growing. When I finally checked on mine, they were five inches tall. And then my cousin, Bonnie Collins, said her tulips were popping up, so I checked and sure enough I need to get last year’s dried plants pulled and cleared out so 2012 spring can spread out in its glory.

Dug some more carrots for a beef vegetable soup and only two had a soft spot. The lettuce under the clear plastic is growing, but it looks tough. I haven’t had to add any water as it seems to become somewhat of a terrestrial system with moisture hanging from the top and dripping down during the day. These are from hybrid plants and may not produce very good lettuce. So, I will scatter a few of my favorite lettuce seeds and place a clear plastic tub over it with a rock on top and should have lettuce to eat in May.

Ran into Alvin Lewis and he planted his peas a month ago, when it was warm. I think he said it was Super Bowl weekend. I scratched the soil with the push harrow to thwart the weeds that were growing, but have not planted yet.

Just a suggestion, if you are looking to add to your food storage, potatoes are an easy root to grow and produce quite a bit of poundage. I have been getting 10 to 15 pounds per one plant, which is usually a cut-in-half planted seed potato. Biggest problem around here is storage in the winter. Some folks have a nice root cellar and others, like me, keep trying to come up with a make shift one that works.

World of salmon and dams

Lots of amazing things happened this past week regarding non-dam removal, bad science exposed and embezzlement. Let’s see where to start?

Those of us who have watched the miners, loggers and now farmers be destroyed by sham science are impressed with Dr. Paul R. Houser, who exposed the “biased summarization of key scientific conclusions for the Klamath River dam removal Secretarial determination process.”

We have known for a long time that the science data has been skewed to meet a desired result, which is not science, but lies and manipulation. This has been happening to obtain the listing for species to the Endangered Species Act and now to the federal Dept. of Interior’s studies for destruction of the Klamath dams.

I posted a letter by Dr. Paul R. Houser to Pie N where he is asking our Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors for support as he fights against the federal agencies that fired him, because he spoke the truth. Check under category “whistle blower” for the letter.

We must give him as much help as possible, because he now stands in the line of fire and will take scorching heat for exposing the fraud. I urge the supervisors and all local groups and individuals to support Dr. Houser. His address is: Dr. Paul R. Houser, Associate Professor, George Mason University, 5230 Tiyana Ct., Ellicott City, MC 21043. Phone is 301-613-3782.

I truly appreciated  Wall Street Journal’ editorial on March 1, 2012 where it stated that water districts brought a lawsuit against the Fish and Wildlife Service in 2010, and a federal court has blasted the service for attempting to “mislead and to deceive the Court into accepting what is not only not the best science, it’s not science.”

Whoa, sham science is finally being exposed even in a court situation! This is amazingly good news for us rural folks.

Salazar can’t make decision

Then the spin on the Dept. of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s no-decision on the Klamath dam removal is being exposed as well. He blamed Congress, which is part of the situation, but in truth he and staff have violated the laws that regulate these serious determinations. Because of the doggedness of the COPCO Volunteer Fire Dept., and the Siskiyou Water Users Assoc. along with support from Sheriff Jon Lopey, the agency is finally getting the legal meaning of “coordination.” If anyone is to be blamed for not making the March 31, 2012 deadline determination, it is Salazar’s arrogance which has been exposed in quotes by newspapers and now Dr. Paul Houser.

Then the Yurok Tribal Council was shocked to learn that a former tribal employee and biologist has allegedly embezzled more than $900,000 from the tribe. And the science data he reportedly documented was skewed regarding the ESA listed spotted owl. Hum, I wonder if he was the one counting the returning coho salmon adults?

Liz Bowen writes biographies and free lances. She seeks truth and freedom under the Constitution. Check out her website: Liz or call her at 530-476-3515.

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