Liz Writes Life 3-13-12

March 13, 2012

Liz Writes Life

So much for any boredom this winter. Life seems to stay at a fairly hectic pace. Visited a few friends this week and enjoyed picking a lemon from Sharron Farrington’s small lemon tree. She said it had produced a dozen or more of the thinner-skinned variety of lemons. Oh, did it smell good.

Saw Bonnie and Deborah Branson at the grocery store and had quite a visit about gardening. They have been covering and uncovering their winter crops and found most items have survived. Bonnie has several batches of new lettuces growing and said they have finally found the variety of carrots that does the best through the winter. Their family does an amazing job of growing such a great garden. It was six or seven years ago that Gil sold me five raspberry bushes. They have done well. Some years, they produce better than others. I think the best year was after the deer pruned them for me in November.

Received a new article on Sunday about a pregnant cow being attacked by a Wolf Pack in Oregon and had to be put down. For wolf-lovers who would criticize me, the radio collar information corroborated that the cow had been attacked by members of the Imnaha wolf pack. Dave Talbot noticed one of his cows appeared sick when he fed his herd. On closer look, he observed wounds between her back legs and on her hip. There were two other cows with confirmed injuries from wolf attacks, but the veterinarian said they should survive.

Once again I reiterate that the wolf population has exploded and there is not enough natural prey for them to eat. Oregon must create a stringent “hunting season” to reduce the over-crowding of wolves. Our livestock and pets should not become prey, because a government does a poor job managing wolves.

I find there are some people who claim it is OK for a wolf to eat a cow. Wow, what hypocrisy. I doubt there are many folks that would accept their pet or child being attacked by a wolf. Why should ranchers have to sacrifice their pets and animals?

Attend the Yreka Tea Party at 6:30 at the Decision of Life Church at 1301 S. Main St. in Yreka to watch the documentary video called “Cry Wolf.” It is well worth watching to counter the fear mongering of those who would say we must have even more wolves.

Also, Chuck Cushman of the American Land Rights Association is encouraging us to support Senator Rand Paul in his new legislation called Defense of Property Act of 2012 with the number S.2122.

The “Future of Scott River” does not need to be spelled out and changed by people who do not live along the river. For those who think the there may be problems with the river, let me tell you Scott River is extremely healthy. Water is nearly too clear. Abundant chinook salmon returned this year to the tune of over 4,000 adults.  Then, ten times the expected amount of coho salmon returned this winter to the Scott.

Landowners have enhanced habitat for fish for two decades. Fish habitat, wildlife and agriculture co-exist very well, when managed by those who understand the practical aspects of nature. I am talking about the farmers, ranchers and other landowners who take care of the land. Check out: Pie N and Liz for photos of the bull elk I took on Sunday and a field full of geese.

I attended the Scott River Watershed Council Forum last week. I now attend as an observer and landowner, but a few years ago I was on the Watershed Council’s board. I believe what is now being touted as “things” to aid the future of the river are just reasons to obtain grant money or spend government money on projects that do not need to be done. To all those who do not live on the river: The Scott River is doing amazingly well.

Yes, the huge dredger tailings are not natural and in the 1930s the CCCs straightened out the river in the middle of the valley near Island Road. But, for all the fear mongering, the river really is doing quite well. I see the “Future of the Scott River” will do just fine the way it is. Oh, the fear mongers will not like that statement, but it is true. Let’s not waste more tax dollars (even if “grant money” sounds like a good thing) on something that is doing quite well the way it is!

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