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March 27, 2011

Published in Siskiyou Daily News

Exciting news! Federal whistleblower Paul R. Houser, Ph.D. has been invited to Siskiyou County and he accepted.

Cal-Ore Bi-State Alliance extended the invitation and is flying him out from the East Coast. Most folks do not know about the Bi-State Alliance as it is a newly organized grassroots group with individuals from five counties and includes three sheriffs. There were 29 individuals attending our meeting earlier this month. Our goal is to keep the Klamath dams in and the clean hydro-electricity flowing to us.

The first meeting with Dr. Houser will be in Klamath Falls on Sunday, May 6 at 5 p.m.

The second meeting will be in Yreka at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in the Flower building at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 7.

The Siskiyou Board of Supervisors were told that the Bi-State Alliance is bringing him out and agreed to put him on their meeting agenda on Tuesday, May 8.

All of these meetings are open to the public. The Supervisors may need to change their meeting room to a larger venue as this is an issue of great concern: Sham science is being used to tout the destruction of four Klamath dam.

“Dr. Houser was employed by the Bureau of Reclamation in April of 2011 to serve as the agency’s top ranked scientist and was one of the highest ranking scientists in the entire federal government. It was his job to review and insure the scientific veracity, honesty, reliability and reproducibility of the agency’s scientific conclusions and publications.

“Dr. Houser’s first allegation is intentional falsification motivated by Secretary Salazar’s 2009 public statement that the Klamath Dam removal “will not fail” indicating a predetermined intention to issue a Secretarial determination in favor of removing the four dams on the Klamath River. He alleges this intention to spin or incompletely report the scientific results was later confirmed by his supervisory Deputy Commissioner’s declaratory statement that ‘the Secretary wants to remove those dams’.” This is a great synopsis on this situation from Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett’s newsletter.

Navigating Scott River

A “Sacramento Bee” news article announced that Erica Terance of the Klamath RiverKeepers is planning a big “float” down the Scott River to prove it is navigable. They chose June 2, which is a good time for the flows to be high enough to use inner tubes and small rafts.

Unfortunately, the RiverKeepers are using the term “navigable” to intimidate property owners and irrigators. And, yes, Scott River is considered “navigable” by the Army Corp of Engineers, but I don’t think any of them have tried floating down the river in July or August, when the snow has melted off the mountains.

Of course, the RiverKeepers just want to blame “farmers and ranchers” for the lower flows in late summer, because of irrigation. Believe it or not, we can now prove that irrigation water in ditches actually benefits the surface and ground water system in Scott Valley. But fear-mongering by the Greenies is constantly against those who own property and have legal water rights.

Speaking of Scott Valley, the Karuk Tribe is hiring a company to do a surface water flow study on the Scott River. Hum, this will likely be done in the next few months, while the flows are high from snow melt. I bet their study will show that the water flow decreases in late summer. And I bet I know who will be blamed from lower flow.

Also the Karuk Tribe released last week its six-month study of ground water in Scott Valley. Talk about sham science and tweaking the data to fit a pre-set agenda!

Scott Valley POW encourages all land owners to put “NO Trespass” signs on their property at entrances, property corners and a few along fences. Sheriff Jon Lopey says this is sufficient notice.

And we must be diligent in reporting to the Sheriff’s office any trespassers. Take photos of them. Write down car license numbers. Erica Terance has stated they will use “navigable” waters to hike creeks like Patterson and Kidder. This is an invasion of our property rights and a threat to our livelihoods. Record and report – please.

Sheriffs Event

Youtube videos are going out this week of the five sheriffs who participated in the Support Rural America Sheriffs’ Event on Feb. 25 in Yreka. Sheriff Lopey did a great job explaining his concerns about public safety. Our next event is scheduled for April 21 in Alturas with Modoc Sheriff Mike Poindexter hosting. Vendor and info tables are available. Call Louise Gliatto at 530-842-5443 or Doug Knox at 530-233-3599 and we do reserve the right of refusal.

Remember the Scott Valley POW meeting this Thurs. March 29 at Fort Jones Community Center at 7 p.m. Property owners from Lake Shastina and Shasta Valley are invited as we will discuss the RiverKeepers potential lawsuit to remove Dwinnell Dam.

Garden report — still didn’t get the peas planted.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives two miles from the ranch where she grew up. She writes biographies and freelances.

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