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May 22, 2012

Published in Siskiyou Daily News

Be on the alert. Karuk Tribal Councilman Leaf Hillman has been spotted in Scott Valley recently and rumor has it that he is planning mischief for farmers and ranchers. I allege that he is likely checking out fish screens, headgates and ditch diversions trespassing on private property.

In writing past news articles and knowing some facts about Leaf Hillman, I wouldn’t put it past him to plant freshly-dead juvenile coho in a ditch or fish screen on a rancher’s property, thus setting up a “fish kill.” This has been done before. I have responded to witnesses.

Scott Valley Protect Our Water is holding a meeting this Thursday, May 24 at the Fort Jones Community Center. Time is 7 p.m. We will talk about this latest bit of information on Leaf Hillman. Come and learn how to protect your property.

Siskiyou Sheriff Jon Lopey has told us to report concerns immediately to 911. So we must carry a camera to document, write our statement down immediately and call the sheriff’s office.

There are 90 fish screens in Scott Valley worth over $1.2 million. These fish screens were built to keep juvenile coho salmon from stranding in irrigation ditches. Money-wrenching is abusive destruction.

Speaking of Karuks, the leadership has joined Klamath RiverKeepers on its lawsuit against the Montague Irrigation District that could greatly affect property owners throughout Shasta Valley, especially Lake Shastina. Removal of Dwinnell Dam is being demanded, because of the myth that it affects coho habitat. Oh, did I mention that Leaf Hillman is president of Klamath RiverKeepers? He is.

More bad news

New Assembly Bill 2179 has cleared the Assembly Appropriations Committee that will greatly affect how the Dept. of Fish and Game deals with land owners. AB 2179 allows the DFG to bypass our District Attorney and levy fines of up to $20,000 of DFG code violations.

Currently, Game Wardens must file complaints to the D.A. State agencies are trying to sustain themselves by increasing fees and fines, which are “taxes” on, we, the citizens. These power hungry officials are unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic tyrants.

Some good news

Thank you to Siskiyou Co. Veteran’s Service Officer, Tim Grenvik, and the many folks who helped make the Armed Forces Appreciation Day such a huge success. We had everyone there from a Brigadier General to Mark Baird dressed in authentic pre-Civil War attire as a mounted Dragoon.

And the really BIG thank you goes out to all veterans and present-soldiers for your service to the U.S. of A. We continue to believe in “freedom and liberty for all,” because of you.

Trinity Sheriffs Event

Trinity Sheriff Bruce Haney had five other sheriffs join him in Panel Discussion, including a new sheriff to the Support Rural America Sheriffs Events. Mendocino Co. Sheriff Tom Allman is a great speaker frustrated with policies of the US Forest Service.

Along that vein, New Mexico’s Otero County Commissioner, Ronny Rardin, with legal guru Danny Martinez, were flown in to speak about how Otero County challenged the USFS and actually cut down an acre of trees. This showdown occurred Sept. 17, 2011. Commissioner Rardin shared important info and held a special meeting with sheriffs and county supervisors.

For more on Rardin and Otero County, go to Pie N and do a search on his name.

Rick Bosetti for Assembly

Rick Bosetti enjoys Forums and Debates although a rumor says he doesn’t. He has attended debates from Redding, to Grass Valley to Fall River. He sent apologies to the Yreka Tea Party’s Debate organizers (last week) because he had to vote on several important issues at the Redding City Council meeting. He is a member of Redding City Council and one vote was to continue a “reduced fees program” for building-construction Permits, which has spurred a growth in home building with 70 new Permits taken out since January.

I appreciate Rick’s getter-done attitude. He called me last November, when I was president of POW, and asked about our water issues. No one else has done that. Rick, and his wife, owns a cabin and land on the Scott River, so he is frustrated about our water problems. Rick knows agencies are out-of-control and over-regulating. He thinks the removal of four hydro-electric dams in the Klamath River is ludicrous and attended the meeting held with Paul R. Houser, Ph.D. on May 7th here, in Yreka, in support of Dr. Houser.

I know Rick will stand up for Siskiyou County citizens in Sacramento. He has my vote.


Thought I would get lots done last week, but after weeding out grass and dry herbs, I woke with hives – all over. The itching wasn’t horrible, but allergy medicine knocks me out. I remembered that herbal astringent, Witch Hazel, is good for not only bruising and sunburns, but itching. I smothered it and aloe vera all over my skin and it did help.

Liz Bowen writes biographies and free lances. Check out website: Liz

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